HSA 4184 Module 1 St. Petersburg Cover Letter and Resume For this assignment you will create both a cover letter and a professional resume. I expect that t

HSA 4184 Module 1 St. Petersburg Cover Letter and Resume For this assignment you will create both a cover letter and a professional resume. I expect that the documents submitted will be a professional and appealing representation of you!

Get professionally creative with your resume; think outside the box and not just the standard templates included in MS Word. Treat this assignment as if you were really applying to an organization – this will help you give a real-world perspective as you work on the development of these documents. This assignment will help to show how one can effectively communicate in a professional manner with strong written skills in order to land that “dream” job.

Step One – Developing your Cover Letter:

The cover letter is used to introduce you to the organization and must be specific to the organization you are applying to. This initial contact with the organization will briefly highlight your skills and why you believe you are the best fit for the position (mention where you saw the position advertised). The cover letter is your best chance to make a great first impression. The cover letter is usually only one page in length.

Identify the job by the full title, complete with any rank or classification level mentioned. Businesses frequently run ads for more than one position at a time, and often a computer is completing the initial screening of your cover letter. Inclusion of the job title may enable your resume to be passed to human hands
Why are you seeking new or additional employment? This should be kept brief and positive. This is NOT the place or time to explain that you’re leaving your present job because you do not get along with your manager
Include a statement that the resume is enclosed and offer to provide additional information upon request
As you are closing your letter, mention a time frame in which you are available for a personal interview and a time frame in which you will follow up with the organization
Include an appropriate closing with your contact information

Step Two – Developing Your Resume:

Your resume is the professional summary of your experiences. These experiences must be tailored to the specific organization you are applying to, based on the research completed in step one above. Remember to keep in mind the organization to which you applying. The resume must be no more than two pages. Please do not using double spacing within your resume. Your final submitted assignment needs to look like a resume that you would actually submit to a place of employment.

Personal Identification Information
Job Objective – Approximately three to four sentences
Statement of the exact job being sought, giving the resume focus
Professional goals
Career Summary – Approximately three to four sentences
Academic History – Each college or university should have a separate entry. Be sure to include any relevant honors or awards. Your BASHSA Degree should be noted as Pending and your anticipated year of graduation.
Health Care Licensure (If applicable)
Special Health Care Certificates (If applicable)
Professional Employment/Volunteer Experience – Each experience should have a separate entry.

Be sure to include applicable skills required by this organization and skill sets that you have already mastered from previous/current professional employment experiences.

Employment (over 10 years does not need to be included)
Professional affiliations
Publications/Professional Projects
Presentations given
Continuing education courses attended
References (optional)
If included be certain reference sources are notified and willing to speak highly of you – have a prepared document with the references names and contact information.

Make sure to proofread! Errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics often lead to a resume thrown DIRECTLY into the garbage – do not let your hard work go to waste!

Please remember to include a HSA standard title page (do not use anything fancy for the title page), reference page and rubric in the assignment.
Please make sure to follow HSA Style Guidelines for formatting the paper including a running head.
Please note that word count DOES NOT include the title page or the rubric. Only the written content of the paper qualifies for meeting the word count requirement.
Please make sure that you are using the proper naming convention for the file name HSA 4184_Module 1 Assignment_Maisch. Assignments turned in without your last name in the file name will not be accepted.
Please submit the document to the appropriate dropbox by 11:59 p.m. (EST) Sunday, be sure that you have all required pieces on one long document. For instance, your cover letter, resume, and all other pieces should be included in ONE document. This assignment will be worth 20 points.

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