MIS 2321 University of the Incarnate Word Assignment 1. After reading the information presented in this chapter and other sources, write a one-page paper t

MIS 2321 University of the Incarnate Word Assignment 1. After reading the information presented in this chapter and other sources, write a one-page paper that outlines five recommendations for improving the privacy of e-mail in an organization. Your recommendations should also highlight ways that minimize or eliminate corporate data leakage.2. The admissions office of Southern State University needs a simple and easy-to-follow Web policy document to send to its incoming freshmen. The document should tell students how to behave while on the Web. After reading the information presented in this chapter and other sources, create a document that includes a 10-item bulleted list highlighting the key issues of which incoming students should be aware.3. An Internet company in Northern California is receiving frequent requests from employees who want to telecommute. The company’s CTO wants to be flexible and accommodate as many employees as possible. At the same time, the CTO wants to achieve productivity goals and keep to a minimum any legal issues that may arise from this new work alternative. After reading the information presented in this chapter and other sources, create a one-page document that includes three guidelines that telecommuters need to follow and three guidelines that the company needs to follow to achieve both personal and organizational objectives. What are three examples of information technologies that could help this company monitor these telecommuters? UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD
MIS 2321- 01 FALL 2018
TR 7:30 – 8:45 (GB -212)
QUIZ (C-3)
Green Computing & the ways
Information Privacy & methods for
it can improve the quality of
improving the privacy of
the environment
Information Systems Issues
that effect organization
Privacy of e-mail, data
collections issues & censorship
Principals of Intellectual
Ethical issues related to
Property & issues related to
Information Technology
the infringement of
Intellectual Property
Information Privacy & methods for improving the Privacy
What is Privacy?

Data Exploitation

Privacy issues
of information

Employers search social networking sites for background information on applicants

Monitoring systems are adopted by employers to check employee performance

Healthcare organizations, financial institutions, legal firms, and online-ordering firms gather
personal data and enter it in databases

Several federal laws regulate the collecting and using of information on people and

Narrow in scope and contain loopholes
Data Protection

Social Media Privacy


Privacy of e-mail, data collections issues & censorship
✴ Spam:
Unsolicited e-mail sent for advertising purposes
Privacy issues by
✴ Sent in bulk using automated mailing software
✴ Ease
of access
✴ Individuals
✴ Any
e-mails sent on company-owned computers are the property of an organization

should assume that others have access to their messages
✴ Two
commonly used technologies for data collection are log files and cookies.
✴ Sometimes users give incorrect information on purpose.
✴ If the information isn’t accurate, the result could be identity misrepresentation.
✴ Therefore, data collection on the Internet must be used and interpreted with caution
Ethical issues related to Information Technology
✴ Ethics
and ethical decision making involve the moral guidelines people or organizations
follow in dealing with others.
✴ In essence, ethics means doing the right thing, and its meaning can vary in different cultures
and even from person to person.
✴ Determining what’s legal or illegal is usually clear, but drawing a line between what’s
ethical and unethical is more difficult
The ethical problem with Facebook’s emotional experiment

CNET looks at the ethical issues of Facebook’s controversial experiment, which was
published in an academic journal and funded by the government
Principals of Intellectual Property & issues related to the infringement of
Intellectual Property
✴ Cybercrime,
cyberfraud, identity theft, and intellectual property theft are on the rise.
✴ Many experts believe management can
✴ reduce employees’ unethical behavior by developing and enforcing codes of ethics.
✴ Many associations promote ethically responsible use of information systems and
✴ technologies and have developed codes of ethics for their members.
Intellectual property is a legal umbrella covering protections that involve copyrights, trademarks,
trade secrets, and patents for “creations of the mind” developed by people or businesses.
Cybersquatting is registering, selling, or using a domain name to profit from someone else’s
TV white space closes digital divide in Kenya
With more than 4 billion people in the world lacking internet access, Mawingu hopes to provide a solution. The company
uses TV white space, or the gaps in between TV channels, to deliver fast, affordable and reliable connectivity to rural
areas in Kenya. Now villages, schools, farms, and local residents are able to use the power of the internet to pursue
passions, advance their education, and better understand the world.
Information Systems Issues that effect organization
technologies have a direct effect on the nature of jobs.
✴Telecommuting or virtual work, for example, as enabled some people to perform their
jobs from home.
✴With telecommunications technology, a worker can send and receive data
✴to and from the main office, and organizations can use the best and most cost-effective
✴human resources in a large geographical region.
✴Information technology is also creating virtual organizations, which are networks of
✴companies, suppliers, customers, and manufacturers.
✴These networks are connected via information technology and can share skills and costs.
✴Ergonomics experts believe using better-designed furniture as well as flexible
✴correct lighting, special monitors for workers with vision problems, and so
✴forth can resolve many health-related problems.
Green Computing & the ways it can improve the quality of the
What does Green Computing does?
✴ Promotes
✴ Involves
a sustainable environment and consumes the least amount of energy
the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of computers, servers, and computing
devices with minimal impact on the environment
✴ Requires
cooperation of both private and public sectors
Ways to Achieve Green Computing?
✴ Designing
✴ Parts
products that last longer and are modular in design
can be upgraded without replacing the entire system
✴ Designing
search engines and computing routines that are faster and consume less energy
✴ Replacing
underutilized smaller servers with one large server using a virtualization technique
✴ Using
computing devices that consume less energy and are biodegradable
✴ Allowing
certain employees to work from their homes to reduce carbon footprints
✴ Conducting
meetings over computer networks to reduce business travel
✴ Encouraging
✴ Turning
carpool and non-motorized transportation for employees
off idle PCs and recycling computer-related materials

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