Nursing Practice Experience Project Activities This week’s focus is on collecting practice experience hours and developing your project. Please follow the

Nursing Practice Experience Project Activities This week’s focus is on collecting practice experience hours and developing your project. Please follow the format below and base the project activities on the smart goals. Both format and smart goals are attached.. SMART Nursing Goals Assignment
What is your proposed
The management of service delivery in healthcare facilities has
project for this course?
become very important. As such healthcare providers and managers
are keen to make each and every change that they believe will help
them attain the results they want to see.
One of the ways that these managers have opted for in order to
attain their goals for improved services is the adoption of
technology (Datamate Infosolutions LLC, 2018). Various scholars
such as Ortiz and Clancy (2003) have pointed out how the use of
technology such as IT is instrumental in improving the healthcare
quality in the USA. This has seen many facilities rush to adopt the
said technology.
However even as managers of various facilities invest heavily on
these technologies, the results have not been as fruitful as expected
and the implementation process has been quite challenging
(Rouleau, Gagnon and Côté, 2015). In the hospital where I work
for such technology has been adopted but the results leaves a lot to
be desired since the projections made have not been attained. For
the next fourteen weeks I aim to undertake a project which seeks to
maximize the effectiveness of the Hospital Management System by
identifying areas of failures and coming up with recommendations
to improve the results.
Provide your specific
learning objectives (goals)
you want to achieve for
this course.
The objectives of this project will be to;
1. By the end of the course’s semester 4/21/19 streamline the
system at the health care facility to provide improved care
for the patients as evidenced by use the Management
Information System for all patient processes which will
help the facility to offer patients services in an effective
and efficient manner
2. By the end of the course’s semester 4/21/19 provide the
department within the facility with better coordination as
evidenced by use the Information management system for
coordination between the departments with a quick flow
and exchange of information which will help the facility to
improve service delivery as different department share
information required for patients care
3. By the end of the course’s semester 4/21/19 ensure the
management information system generates reports as per
the demand which is evidenced by use of information
system reports in decision making and supports
management decision making to improve service delivery
and patients’ care.
Provide how your
preceptor will help you
meet the outlined
objectives for this course.
My preceptor will be very instrumental in the attainment of these
objectives because of the guidelines they will provide. Through the
instruction process they will equip m with the insight I need to
successfully utilize the knowledge acquired to make a difference in
my work environment. Further in order to attain these objectives I
need to investigate which will help determine the areas of weakness
that have affected the adoption and implementation process and
come up with solutions and strategies which need to be employed
to successfully carry out the objective. The preceptors insight and
guidance will see that I attain this goal.
Datamate Infosolutions LLC (2018). Hospital Management System-Features, Objectives.
Ortiz, E. and M Clancy, C. (2003). Use of Information Technology to Improve the Quality of
Health Care in the United States. Health Serv Res. 2003 Apr; 38(2): xi–xxii.Retrieved
Rouleau, G,, Gagnon, M. P and Côté, J. (2015). Impacts of information and communication
technologies on nursing care: an overview of systematic reviews (protocol. Syst Rev.
2015; 4: 75. Retrieved from
Running head: YOUR TITLE HERE
Project Status Update #1
Student First and Last Name
Chatham University
Your Title Here
Project Update # 1
Provide a high-level narrative overview of your project here. Provide references in APA
format anywhere in this document where you are providing information that needs to be
supported (i.e., literature that supports an intervention or a statistic, etc.). This section needs to
be at least 1-2 paragraphs. *Think of this section as an abstract.
Table 1.
Narrative of Project Update
Update Elements
Practice Experience Site
Describe your PE Site. Who is your preceptor, what is their
& Preceptor Information
experience and what role do they have at your PE Site? 2-3
Problem Identification
What is the problem you have identified at the PE site? 1-2
Project Plan
What is your plan to fix it? What interventions did you find in the
literature to support your project? 2-3 paragraphs
Evaluation Process
How will you evaluate success? Establishing this now allows for
reflection and evaluation of project success in future assignments.
2-3 paragraphs
Table 2.
Timeline for Preceptor-Project Activities: Weeks 1-6
Date (Week #)
Week # 1 –
Week # 2 –
Week # 3 –
Key Dates and Target Milestones
Week # 4 –
Week # 5 –
Week # 6 –
Week # 7 –
*Provide your APA references here.

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