Organizational Leadership Analysis ****The use of your own organization for this assignment is recommended (You can change the name). You may also use anot

Organizational Leadership Analysis ****The use of your own organization for this assignment is recommended (You can change the name). You may also use another organization in which you have sufficient knowledge. This assignment will not be shared with anyone and will remain confidential. The idea for this assignment is to apply, compare and contract what you have learned thus far, with your current organization.****

The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: (1) to evaluate your organization with respect to the dominant leadership style utilized in pursuit of success, and (2) to apply what you have learned about leadership theories in order to recommend improvements.

The first part of this assignment requires you to apply the leadership theories presented in this course from your readings and our in-class discussions about the application of the “Big Three” leadership styles in Healthcare [transactional leadership, transformational leadership, and servant leadership]. Herein, you need to describe your organization’s effectiveness in relationship to its leadership.

Unfortunately, some leaders “lose their way” to the extent that their actions do not remotely connect with their self-perceived leadership style. Others, craft their leadership styles around “actions” and “things” they value, but not the organizational values or goals. The question you need to answer is: “How does the performance of the organization’s leadershipalign with the organization’s goals?”

The second part of this assignment is to propose ways to better connect or improve the relationship between the leadership styles utilized and the overallperformance of your organization. At times, framing this second section within the context of a particularly challenging and persistent organizational problem or shortcoming is helpful.

****Remember, in order to be successful, you’ll need to provide some background information about your organization such as:

a profile of your organization [its vision, mission, goals and structure].
the organizational model and leadership styles
the actions of leaders, along with a comparison to the organization’s vision.
existing judgments about the vision and performance of the organization (This may require crafting of a new vision upon your critique and recommended improvements)

Please remember that this is a scholarly paper, and not an opportunity to vent. Your opinion is influential, but only so far as you have factual information and scholarly theories/research to inform your critique/evaluation. It should be written in current APA style utilizing the provided APA submission Word.doc Template for completion. You should utilize the “level III newspaper-headline style headings” at the beginning of paragraphs with new topics (see template). Your textbooks from MHSA6185 and MHSA6186 will likely suffice for scholarly support (references are included and pre-formatted in the APA template attached), although you are welcome to integrate additional scholarly material if desired. Submitting a paper that does not successfully utilize the scholarly APA template provided will result in penalties of up to two-thirds of the overall value of the assignment.

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