PM598 Phoenix Coca Cola Bottling Project Management Plan Paper “Private Questions & Study Emergency” Project Management Plan: Project Charter Develop a pr

PM598 Phoenix Coca Cola Bottling Project Management Plan Paper “Private Questions & Study Emergency” Project Management Plan: Project Charter

Develop a project charter and it must be in APA Format

Organization: Coca Cola Bottling Company

Obtain faculty approval of the topic for project.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper featuring the following elements:

Narrative project description
Problem and result statement
Mission justification
Project scope statement
Major deliverables
High-level milestones for significant events
Applicable technical requirements, assumptions, or constraints
Reference Page

I’ve provided you a sample Project Charter and APA Format Paper and a sample of the Project Charter implemented in the require APA Format. PROJECT CHARTER TEMPLATE
This Project Charter Template is free for you to copy and use on your project and within
your organization. We hope that you find this template useful and welcome your comments.
Public distribution of this document is only permitted from the Project Management Docs
official website at:
Project Charter Template
This Charter formally authorizes the Payroll Project to develop and implement a new payroll
system for use in Jones Consulting Company’s payroll group. A project plan will be developed
and submitted to the Project Sponsor for approval. The project plan will include: scope
statement; schedule; cost estimate; budget; and provisions for scope, resource, schedule,
communications, quality, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management as well as project
control. All resources will be assigned by the Project Sponsor, Van Johnson, Human Resources
The purpose of the Payroll project is to improve the timeliness and accuracy of payroll
operations. This project meets Jones Consulting’s need for improved efficiencies across all
departments by reducing payroll cycle time and minimizing staffing required for payroll
operations. The project deliverables shall include payroll system design, all coding, testing,
implementation of an integrated system for use with existing IT infrastructure, and a user’s
guide. The objectives of the Payroll project are to reduce payroll cycle time by 30% and reduce
payroll staffing by 20%. High level risks for this project include ensuring implementation is
completed without impacting ongoing payroll operations and ensuring there are no issues with
migrating payroll accounts from the legacy system to the new system. Success will be
determined by the Project Sponsor once the system is implemented and one full payroll cycle has
been completed that meets the objectives with no discrepancies.
The Project Manager, Bill Smith, is hereby authorized to interface with management as required,
negotiate for resources, delegate responsibilities within the framework of the project, and to
communicate with all contractors and management, as required, to ensure successful and timely
completion of the project. The Project Manager is responsible for developing the project plan,
monitoring the schedule, cost, and scope of the project during implementation, and maintaining
control over the project by measuring performance and taking corrective action.
The project plan will be submitted and approved in accordance with the milestone schedule
below. Upon approval of the project plan resources will be assigned to the project and work will
commence within 5 business days. The Project Sponsor must approve any schedule changes
which may impact milestones. A detailed schedule will be included in the project plan. The high
level milestone schedule is:
Feb 1, 20xx – Project Plan Complete and Approved
Mar 31, 20xx – Payroll Design Completed
May 31, 20xx – Coding Completed
Project Charter Template
June 30, 20xx – Testing Completed
July 31, 20xx – Beta Testing Completed
Sept 30, 20xx – Implementation Completed
Oct 15, 20xx – One Payroll Cycle Complete and Project Completion
The budget for the Payroll project is $420,000. It is to be funded through the FYxx Human
Resources Technology Budget.
Project Charter Template
Approved by the Project Sponsor:
Date: ___________________
Free Project Charter Template brought to you by
Project Management Plan (Week 1)
PM 598
Project Management Plan (Week 1)
The goal of Nestle is to identify as a leader in the market in providing healthy and
nutritious products around of the world. “Health and wellness, trusted by all its stakeholders, and
to be the reference for financial performance in its industry” (Nestle`, 2013). This project will
determine if the company should expand into healthcare products.
The proposed research will be conducted in three countries worldwide. The project will
gather information by country with the technical data and variables to see if the healthcare line
would be effective in each country. Nestle` is going to bring on a healthcare line which will
provide shampoos, conditioners, body wash and soaps. This line will bring Nestle` in great
competition with Unilever who is one of the leading companies in the healthcare line.
The countries will help show the research information and identify what areas may be
missing information where the healthcare line may not be effective. The duration of the research
will be held for a six month time frame.
The mission is to provide to the final consumer the best healthy, nutritious and tasty
choices in a variety of food and beverage, from morning to night (Nestle, 2013, para. 1). Nestle
(2013). Nestle` has stated good food brings good life and now will investigate if bring good
health with healthcare will be viable. Healthcare will be a viable line since it has seen products
from the competition that have soared over the past few years such as the Dove hair products and
then the products that have been around for years that continue to bring money such as Lever.
Project Management Plan (Week 1)
Analysts from Nestle` will partner with a research group to see if a healthcare line can
increase the business for Nestle`. They will see if the emerging markets for the newer products
will help bring growth with a healthcare line. The mission must be changed from not only “Good
food, Good life but Good healthcare, Good health. Careful focus will be maintained on the
project scope and work breakdown structure. Audits will ensure that the tasks being performed
are those that are represented on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Any additional tasks
will be halted immediately as they are not part of this project’s scope of work.
Main Points
Project Charter
Identifies the need of the project with the cost,
deliverables and duration.
Project Management Plan
Provides stakes holders with risks and other issues.
Project Schedule
Provides a time frame of when to complete the project.
Requirements Review
Analyst’s approval for the proposed project.
Design Review
Analyst’s approval for the proposed project.
User Acceptance Testing
The Project Manager, Analysts, Researches and Project Team will
permit acceptance.
Deployment Plan
Identify was is needed to make the project successful.
Nestle`s project team will create an estimated timeline, which will show the duration of
the project to take six months. The six months will show lead-times, costs, setbacks and all
Project Management Plan (Week 1)
scheduling for the project. The timeline will be given to the stakeholders for all to maintain
current status of the project and created in Microsoft Project.
The schedule will be monitored by measuring against the schedule baseline. Performance
measurements will be established to determine acceptable variances and for quick identification
of those that are unacceptable. The schedule will continually be updated to reflect current project
progress and status.
The budget will be monitored by measuring against the cost baseline. This monitoring
allows for accurate and reliable forecasting. It also gives the project manager an early indication
if the project is veering off track. Quick response to any deviations can help to prevent budget
By Nestle`
A summary of estimated spending will be provided at this state. The summary will show
preliminary spending as well as the costs for the full cycle of the project. The funding will have
what requirements are needed for budgeting.
The project team assigned by the analysts from Nestle` will help fund and authorize the
project for the research for a healthcare line. Changes to the charter will be approved by all
stakeholders and presented to the representatives.
Project Management Plan (Week 1)
Gray, C.F., & Larson, E.W. (2011). Project Management: The managerial process. McGrawHill. Retrieved from University of Phoenix.
Nestle. (2013). About us. Retrieved from
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Lewis, J. P. (2011). Project planning, scheduling, and control: A hands-on guide to bringing
projects in on time and on budget (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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