this is very controversial…””

Issues & Controversies About Health Care Insurance the question description is in the uploaded document below. this is mla writing style and requires the input of personal opinion. Essay #1
“Topic from the Data Base”
Choose one of the databases- Issues & Controversies or CQ Researcher are best choices. Choose one of these
topics there and use sources from one of those databases. This should be an “easy” assignment as all the sources
are there for you. In future papers, we’ll step outside the box a little more, and you’ll have to find and evaluate
sources. I’ll ask you NOT to use these two databases, in fact; however, you will be allowed to write on the same
topic if you find it interesting.
Summarize the arguments on the issue, explain the background if you think it’s necessary, but not too much.
About 2/3 of the paper should focus on arguments. Please state your own view as well.
Specs for the paper: 850 words or approximately 3 pp. double-spaced (10 or 12 font); at least two sources (from
library database), which you will cite and summarize and/or paraphrase & 2 direct quotes from that source.
You need not use MLA style, but DO cite your sources and attach a works cited note at the end– in a consistent,
useful style. Finally, both drafts should be typed. If you cannot access a printer, I can print it for you. But you must
attach it to an email as a Word document for me. Worth 100 points. First draft due Feb. 11; final Feb 18
Grading Criteria:
“Details” – grammar, spelling, etc. – 20 pts
Good use of source & good choices of quotations; Sources are acknowledged; works cited; plagiarism
avoided – 20 points
Style of paper “works”–is consistent and appropriate; well-organized and/or “flows.” – 20 pts
Essay is largely argumentative, including writer’s own opinion- 20 pts
Topic is refined and manageable, given the length.- 20 pts
Workshop Guidelines
From time to time we will share papers or work in groups. It’s important that you pay attention to these guidelines
when we do this. When you read a classmate’s paper:
DO respond with questions for clarity and more information
DO respond as an interested, real reader; come at the topic with your own level of interest and
knowledge on the topic and your own views.
Use “” statements. (“”If I were writing on this topic…”” Or “For me

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