Values of a Social Worker Please proof and add another 1.5 page of content to this scholarship letter. This letter I am writing to a scholarship fund about

Values of a Social Worker Please proof and add another 1.5 page of content to this scholarship letter. This letter I am writing to a scholarship fund about my work as a social worker and why I deserve to be in this program. I am a social worker and advocate for the people of the community. Please make it sound great and deserving! EXCELLENT ENGLISH WRITING SKILLS Running head: VALUES OF A SOCIAL WORKER
Values of a Social Worker
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Values of a social worker
The marginalized individuals living among the Americans are deprived of certain services
that are crucial for their survival. One of the services that they lack is access to good health care
where the treatment that they receive fall short. Scenarios like these arise either due to lack of
knowledge by the medical officer due as the case is beyond his or her experience or absence of the
necessary facilities. By enrolling to the master’s program, I will have a wider exposure to making
policies that are crucial in solving such problems.
I will come up with policies aimed at improving the situation whereby more trained doctors
will be availed in the medical centers where these people are treated, and there should be enough
equipment as well as erecting more medical centers to serve these individuals. Through working
with the community, we can be able to set up mobile medical centers to ensure that they receive
medical care as was the case when we worked to provide medical care in various children homes.
Through such a program, the marginalized will improve their health while at the same time
enhancing their welfare which is in line with my ambitions.
My values and beliefs that are compatible with my profession include the ability to offer
services to those who need it. Being a social worker, I love offering help and services at my
disposal in making people improve their lives and solve problems that they are encountering while
giving other people’s interests first. I believe in fighting for justice and ensuring that those who are
voiceless are heard so that they are not oppressed by those who have power than they do. I believe
that in a society set up, we should all be treated as equal and therefore, marginalization should not
exist (Timms, 2018). I uphold the dignity of individuals, without being mindful of any differences
that exist be it the race, social status, age or ethnicity. I believe in integrity in carrying out my
duties and ensuring that there is trustworthiness in all my activities. By joining the program, I will
be in a position to exploit my values and beliefs in the field since I will be better trained. I will
also be entrusted to more responsibilities in the social work and using the knowledge acquired; I
will execute my duties in the right manner.
On the contrary, I haven’t achieved the level of competency that I believe is required in this
profession (Banks, 2012). I am, therefore, consistent in my studies to achieve competence where
I am embarking on various researches and with a goal to pursue a master’s degree.
Banks, S. (2012). Ethics and values in social work. Macmillan International Higher Education.
Timms, N. (2018). Social work values: An inquiry. Routledge.

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