Week 4 Crime discussions question I need help three discussions question. I do not need a paper answer each question separately. see attachment 1. Title: M

Week 4 Crime discussions question I need help three discussions question. I do not need a paper answer each question separately. see attachment 1. Title: Mr/Mrs Mayor, Please decide!
In Seattle, a major redesign of a public space was touted to be able to
reduce the levels of crime (specifically property crime) in the area. Read
more about the project, called Bell Street Park,
here: http://nacto.org/case-study/bell-street-park-seattle/.
In the podcast, we discussed the importance of the combination of
one’s routines, times of the day when individuals are more/less
vulnerable, places that encourage criminal activity, and the presence of
people that will take advantage of criminal opportunities when they
present themselves. Given that the city of Seattle has limited funds to
engage in crime reduction strategies, do you think this is the best use of
the city’s money? Make sure you make reference to the podcast when
you present your criticism.
No more than 250 words
2. The Crime Triangle is a useful device for conceptualizing how
offenders and victims coalesce in time and space. What “dimension”
typically receives the most attention from government? Is there one
“leg” of the crime triangle (i.e. victims; offenders; places) which would
respond best to government intervention?
No more than 250 words
3. You are the Patrol Division Commander of Lilliput PD, a smaller midsize agency located in the Midwestern United States. The Town of
Lilliput is largely residential and exceedingly affluent. Last year the
town was ranked #3 in Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live issue. The
school system is stellar, home values are high, and crime is a rare
occurrence. In neighboring Blefuscu City, the crime rate is much
higher. Not only is the crime rate high, but city residents also cite fear
of crime as a major concern. The Lilliput Police Department prides itself
that crime and fear of crime are both low in Lilliput, according to a local
poll. After a quiet winter and spring, the town has experienced a spate
of motor vehicle burglaries.
The following dialog takes place at Lilliput PD’s
weekly Compstat meeting which is attended by the department’s
command staff:
CHIEF MOMAREN: Let’s get started with our weekly crime stats. What
do you have for us, Swift?
ANALYST SWIFT: Chief, our weekly and monthly enforcement numbers
are tracking on pace with last year’s data. Our dashboard shows a
decrease in calls for service, including a 20% reduction in residential
burglar alarms in the last quarter. Violent crimes are down again, but
we have seen property crime increase for the third straight week.
CHIEF MOMAREN: (Glares in your general direction). Tell me more,
ANALYST SWIFT: Well Chief, the uptick in property crime is primarily
due to an increase in motor vehicle burglaries during the overnight
hours. Our analysis shows that 80% of our reported car burglaries are
occurring sometime between 10pm and 7am. They usually get called in
when people head out to go to work in the morning.
CHIEF MOMAREN: This is unacceptable! Our numbers are only
supposed to move in one direction. What are we doing about this
problem? Has CID developed any suspects?
CID CAPTAIN FLIMNAP: According to my case log, my detectives haven’t
processed any car burglaries this month. Nobody asked us to come
ANALYST SWIFT: Chief, I neglected to mention that 95% percent of the
overnight incidents involved unlocked vehicles.
CID CAPTAIN FLIMNAP: Unlocked?! Serves ’em right. I’m surprised they
even called the police to make a report. What do they expect us to do
about it??
CHIEF MOMAREN: Where are these things happening?
ANALYST SWIFT: Of our five patrol districts, only two on the West side
of town (bordering Blefuscu City) have been hit particularly
hard. Unfortunately, no clear temporal-spatial pattern has
emerged. These crimes are not day-of-week specific and there are no
identifiable hot-spots for targeted patrols.
CHIEF MOMAREN; I want ideas people, not excuses.
CID CAPTAIN FLIMNAP: We seized a couple cars from that drug case last
week. We could set one up as a bait car and have a few of my guys set
up on it; they’d love some weekend OT..
ADMIN LT. SKYRESH: We have some leftover grant money sitting
around. We could look into acquiring some military surplus
equipment,like night-vision goggles… or maybe a drone!
CHIEF MOMAREN: This sounds like a patrol problem to me. What does
the Patrol Division plan to do about this?
YOU: (Respond to the chief by starting a new reply to this thread.) In
the reply, simply say “Chief, the plan developed…”
Write a one page speech begin with Chief, the plan developed…”

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