Zika Virus Clinic Case Study Hi, I need someone to answer this case for me. simply. For the purpose of this exercise you will be a clinic administrator fo

Zika Virus Clinic Case Study Hi, I need someone to answer this case for me. simply.

For the purpose of this exercise you will be a clinic administrator for a small Family Medicine practice which does obstetrics.

Your clinic has been told that they must prepare for the possibility of managing the Zika virus in your clinic. Zika Virus is a arbovirus (meaning anthropod or mosquitoes transmitted) that produces brief flu like symptoms. In pregnant women it leads to massive fetal brain malformation and severe impairment in the child. Primary treatment is prevention. Controlling the exposure of populations of women who can have children or are pregnant is the approach. No exposure to the mosquito or virus is the objective in these populations.

The World Health Organization has established that this viral outbreak is now an international pandemic and its transmission by a certain mosquito has led to its spread across South and Central America and the Center for Disease Control has issued an alert that Zika virus will be in mosquito populations in the southern United States within the coming year. In further news, the CDC has confirmed a case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in Texas. Men appear to have Zika in semen for an unclear time after initial symptoms of rash and fever are gone.

From an initial index case in Texas there has been a steady increase in new cases and projections for a nearly logarithmic increase in the incidence in the next calendar year.

This exercise involves answering the following questions

#1 What data (incidence, prevalence, rates) in what specific populations that will affect your clinic and regarding the Zika virus transmission will you want to forecast your needs in addressing this illness. Your local health department can tell you about this data for your area.

#2 What data will be needed for you to assess your needs within your clinic and its vulnerable population in small town Wisconsin. Mosquitoes that transmit Zika don’t live above the line from South Carolina to Oklahoma.

So what is your population-at-risk, groups that might have exposure to the virus in the 2 ways the virus is transmitted, and how you collect this data?

Please use specific terminology (incidence, prevalence, specific rates, sub-populations) as found in chapter 2 in completing this assignment and your grade will reflect the depth to which you have considered all aspects of the disease, the population, and the ethical problems posed by asking individuals for their otherwise private information prior to their admission into your health clinic.

In the affected population of your small town, what epidemiological measures are important?

In your clinic, what populations matter in your clinic and how do you ask about travel and such in a “At-risk” population?

Why would travel south of the border or “at-risk” eg. women of child bearing potential (post-first period) be ethically challenged?

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