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Assignment 9: Final Research Project 






This assignment is a research project that will report your quantitative and qualitative data. You will use some of the work you have already completed in your other assignments to create a final research paper. In addition, you will add new elements to your paper by revising your literature review and creating a methods and results section to elaborate upon your research and your qualitative and quantitative findings. You will write a final report that follows APA guidelines: Links to an external site. )

It will include all of the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review (using at least 8 sources), Methods (how you collected your data), Results (Quantitative and Qualitative), Conclusion, Limitations, Future Directions, and References. You do not need to include footnotes/endnotes.  I suggest looking at the format of some of the academic journal articles you have read to mirror what they have done. You will use in-text citations to reference the academic literature you have in your review. You are required to state your research questions, hypotheses, define your variables and how you measured them, analyze and interpret your quantitative and qualitative data appropriate to answering the question, and write your results in a manner that is easy to understand (even for someone who is not a social scientist)! Use chapters 20 and 21 as a reference guide for reporting your quantitative and qualitative results. I understand that many of you have not had experience yet using a statistical software program and have varying levels of experience when it comes to analyzing data. Therefore, you will have some flexibility analyzing your quantitative data. You can use excel to look for correlations and create charts, etc. You can also create tables to show the frequencies of responses from your respondents and report on the associations you do see. You will also report the themes found in your qualitative interviews. If applicable, you can quantify your qualitative data by creating a table to identify the frequency with which certain statements, ideas, or themes occurred. I expect that your paper will be 15-20 pages (double-spaced), including a title and reference page. The  Research Project rubric will be used for grading.

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