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Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation

2   Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation Planning for an outcome evaluation can be a complex process, as you must consider the purpose, outcomes, research design, instruments, and data collection and analysis procedures. It can be difficult to plan these things without seeing them in action. After you have engaged in planning, however, the […]

Applying Psychology to Your Life

Applying Psychology to Your Life: Developing your Stress/Health Profile                         As noted in your text, chronic stress (long-term reactions to stressors) and daily hassles can be damaging to your physical and psychological health. No one can avoid stress. However, there are a number of […]

CrossCultural Psychology Research for Positive Social Change

Discussion: Cross-Cultural Psychology Research for Positive Social Change Psychological research is more than an intellectual exercise. Data and evidence from cross-cultural work can be utilized to implement positive social change. For example, psychologists have worked on such social issues as global poverty, health disparities, and equality among groups. Other examples for positive social change one […]

Utilization of Course Material and References

Instructor’s Feedback   Depth and Relevance: 4.5 out of 4.5 Reply post responds completely to all facets of another student’s initial post, incorporating different points of view, ideas or concepts related.   Utilization of Course Material and References: 4 out of 4 Reply post integrates course materials (textbook and ancillary article from student’s post).   […]

To analyze from the Human Development Case Studies media piece

For this week’s assignment, you will choose one case study to analyze from the Human Development Case Studies media piece. If you haven’t done so, view the piece from last week’s Prepare study and choose your case study. Part of your assignment requires you to use scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles to support your claims. You will need at […]

Briefly describe the nonviolent interpersonal relationship conflict

Chapter 10: Conflict and Problem Solving [10 Points]   Detailed assignment instructions provided on Canvas. To maximize your points on this assignment, you should use bold (and/or color) formatting to highlight integration of course terminology in construction of your responses.     Briefly describe the (non-violent) interpersonal relationship conflict scenario to reference:         1. Set […]

Analyzes the selected culture related to the topic chosen

Death and Dying Psychology   20 15 10 5 Analyzes the selected topic Writing shows high degree of attention to logic and reasoning of points well developed thoughts. The writing clearly leads the reader to the conclusion and stirs thought regarding the topic. Content indicates synthesis of ideas, in-depth analysis of original thought and support […]