Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation



Designing a Plan for Outcome Evaluation

Planning for an outcome evaluation can be a complex process, as you must consider the purpose, outcomes, research design, instruments, and data collection and analysis procedures. It can be difficult to plan these things without seeing them in action. After you have engaged in planning, however, the knowledge you gain can live on in other efforts. For example, you can apply knowledge and skills learned from conducting one type of evaluation to others. The evaluations themselves can even inform and complement each other throughout the life of a program.

In this Assignment, you apply all that you have learned about program evaluation throughout this course to aid you in a complete outcome evaluation plan.

To Prepare

· Recall the program that you proposed in Week 4. If needed, review your previous work related to the program, client needs, and goals and intended outcomes, as well as last week’s plan for process evaluation.

· You must now develop a complete plan to evaluate the outcomes of the program.



a 3- to 4-page plan for an outcome evaluation based on the new program that you proposed earlier in the course. Be specific and elaborate. Include the following information:

· A brief outline of the program

· The purpose of the evaluation

· The outcomes to be evaluated

· The group research design that you will use and why

· The key stakeholders and their potential concerns

· The indicators or instruments to be used to measure the outcomes

· The methods for collecting, organizing, and analyzing the data—who, how, etc.

Use the Learning Resources and peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles to support your paper. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.



Dudley, J. R. (2020). Social work evaluation: Enhancing what we do (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press.

· Chapter 9, “Is the Intervention Effective?” (pp. 215–250)

· Chapter 10, “Analyzing Evaluation Data” (pp. 255–275)

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