Assignment Of Qualitative Interview Themes

Assignment 8: Qualitative Interview Themes

You will create an interview schedule, consisting of at least 5 open-ended questions (potentially based on your observations from assignment 5–if related). You will use this interview schedule to conduct face to face (or phone) interviews. These questions will be related to your main research topic and might overlap a bit with your survey questions. However, there should be some differences. These questions will be formatted in an open-ended fashion to more deeply tap into the variables you are measuring. You will interview 5 people (family or friends) using the interview schedule you created. Take notes during your interviews to capture the main ideas coming across from your interviewees. Develop qualitative themes and then report them in a 3-page (double-spaced) paper, using quotes or paraphrasing your interviewees’ comments to support your themes. Include your interview questions in the paper and use first names/pseudonyms for those individuals that you interviewed.

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