BBA4951 CSU Apple SWOT Analysis remember that a SWOT analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. This is an i

BBA4951 CSU Apple SWOT Analysis remember that a SWOT analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. This is an important analysis for any organization as it can be used for strategic planning. Your SWOT analysis must be a minimum of two pages in length. Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, write a minimum of one page, explaining how this information could be used by the company.Please use the template below to complete the SWOT analysis and explanation. Save the template using your last name and student ID. For example, John Smith whose student ID is 12345 would save his assignment as Smith12345. The information you need to complete this analysis can be found in the case studies located in your textbook on pages 370-625. Outside research is not a requirement. Running Head: IMPLEMENTATION PLAN
Implementation Plan
Unit IV Case Study
Julian C. Burris
Business Policy and Strategy BBA 4951
Dr. Betty Ross
20 January 2019
Apple Inc. is a revolutionized technological company that remains a top player at the tech
scene. According to Forbes, Apple not only ranks as the largest tech company as well as the
eighth largest company worldwide. This company is the manufacture of the world’s most
popular smartphone, the iPhone. Not only do they sell phones, but they also sell computers,
tablets, and music to name a few. Apple Inc. was formed in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve
Wozniak. Beginning as a personal computer company, Apple has evolved over the years
emerging as one of the most valuable public U.S Company today.
Apple Inc.’s business strategy is highly impressive. While it is not the first company to
introduce a personal computer, its dominant strategy of producing elegant and easy-to-use
products presents the company as committed to fulfilling the needs of the consumers. As such,
the company is highly devoted to manufacturing and selling user-friendly products to fulfill its
nature of simplicity.
Also, the company mission to provide its customers with the best
experience possible reflects the tech organization as not only innovative but also focused on the
consumers. Apple Inc. has a division-by-process design structure. Ideally, this foundation
indicates that Apple Inc. values the hierarchical structure of the company as it attempts to meet
the needs of the consumers.
Apple Inc. strategy of innovation and simplicity has allowed it to compete against other
giant tech companies such as Samsung actively. Primarily, its strategy has improved the
company’s performance in the market and even contributed to the achievement of a loyal
following. Moreover, the company’s mission has served as a significant contributor to guiding
the company in making proper decisions for achieving its goals and objectives. As such, Apple is
not only able to prolong its existence in the market but also satisfy the needs of the consumers.
The organization structure enhances the company’s understanding of the relationships and
distribution of resources. Mainly, this concept is accompanied with the business strategy to
ensure that the company emerges a leader in the tech world.
One of the vital short-term goals of Apple Inc. is to provide the best products to its
customers through innovative designs and software. Also, the company strives to revolutionize
and lead digital music with its iTunes store and iPods. While Apple is committed to fulfilling its
short-term goals, it also has a role of working towards its long-term goals. One of the long-term
objectives of the tech company is innovation. Apple believes that it can change the face of the
earth through continuous innovation. As such, it aims to engineer a diverse group that can
contribute to the innovation. Environmental preservation is another long-term goal of the
company. The Company’s plan to switch to renewable energy began in 2014 as the company
invested in its retail stores (Allen, 2014).
One of the critical measures that can improve the strategy, mission and organization
structure is the development and definition of proper plans that fit the organization. Planning is a
crucial measure that allows an organization to integrate its strategy and structure and achieve
business goals. Also, setting clear goals is another technique that can improve the Apple Inc.’s
strategy, structure and mission. Next, developing a proper communication framework is another
element that can be implemented to improve the strategic and structural foundation of the tech
company — as such, securing a proper communication platform allows the company to
successfully integrate its organization structure and strategy for the fulfillment of its mission
(Mckinney, 2018). By adopting a substantial competitive advantage, Apple Inc. has managed to
emerge a highly valuable Company fulfilling the expectations of loyal customers across the
Allen, G. (2014). Renewable Energy for Apple Stores — A Long-Term Goal. Forbes. Retrieved
Mckinney, P. (2018). Organizational Success: Factors & Definition. Retrieved From:
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SWOT Analysis
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Evaluating Strategies
Course Learning Outcomes for Unit VI
Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:
7. Establish a strategic management follow-up process.
9. Assess the strategy evaluation process.
Reading Assignment
Chapter 9: Strategy Review, Evaluation, and Control
Unit Lesson
Chapter 9 describes how to effectively evaluate strategies and make timely changes as needed. In this
context, Chapter 9 explains how to develop a balanced scorecard and utilize contingency planning.
Every strategy must have the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Anytime an organization’s environment
changes, the existing strategy must be updated or replaced. In this unit, we will dive deeper into the strategy
evaluation phase. There are three main types of strategy evaluations, as described below:
1. understanding the foundation of the firm’s strategy,
2. analyzing and comparing expected and actual results, and
3. implementing actions to ensure the performance is consistent with the plan.
When you have an opportunity, please take a look at the case study on page 280 of the course textbook titled
Exemplary Company Showcase: Nike, Inc. (NKE). Personally reflect on how this organization has been
adaptable and successful for so many years.
There are many different criterions and models for evaluating strategies. One example listed in your textbook
is Rumelt’s Criteria for Evaluating Strategies. This criteria is often used in the industry because it is proven
and vetted among many organizations. There are four main criterion that include consistency, consonance,
feasibility, and advantage (David & David, 2017). The chart below gives a brief description of each:
Organization must
present consistent goals
and policies.
Organization must
evaluate strategies
according to societal
and/or individual trends.
Strategies must be
feasible and not over
Have you noticed that CocaCola tastes the same in one
part of the U.S. as compared
to another part of the U.S.?
Look at the television trends
from the 1990s to present. In
an effort to remain relevant,
organizations must be able to
Could you imagine if
Starbucks attempted to open
500 new stores in a onemonth period? This is not
BBA 4951, Business Policy and Strategy
Strategies, in regard to 1)
resources, 2) skills, and
3) position, must be
assessed for competitive
feasible and would create a UNIT x STUDY GUIDE
The iPhone would be a great
example of having a
competitive advantage
among other phone
Measuring Organizational Performance
Measuring organizational performance can be accomplished by evaluating the expected results and
comparing that data to the actual results. Also, the long-term and short-term objectives are evaluated. If it is
noted that an organization did not achieve its expected outcomes related to goals and objectives, the
organization must implement corrective actions.
In an ideal situation, these corrective actions have already been developed; if not, the actions must be
developed and implemented. Time is critical in relation to corrective actions, and any corrections must be
implemented quickly. Both internal and external factors must be considered when developing any corrective
actions. Also, policies, trends, and other factors need to be considered in an effort to effectively resolve any
variable. An example is office supply stores in the United States. Organizations, such as Staples, Office Max,
and Office Depot, have noticed major trends in the industry and are making every attempt to remain relevant
and adaptable. They face great challenges as more and more office supplies become obsolete due to
technology, and the ability and ease of access of ordering supplies online becomes more and more available
versus having to shop in a physical store. It is often difficult for these organizations to make the online-only
switch because they would lose brand recognition, and they also face steep competition in the online
Effective Evaluation System
There are multiple requirements for a strategy to be successful. Strategies must be formed according to
economic factors, meaningfulness, and timeliness; strategies must also clearly articulate an overall image of
what is happening within the organization. It is also recommended that the strategy evaluation be simple and
to the point. When the evaluation becomes complex, it enhances confusion and frustration among the
participants. As stated earlier, it is imperative that the organization creates a contingency plan that identifies
alternative plans in the event that the strategy does not move forward in the direction that was expected.
Contingency plans include avoidance of profit losses, how to meet higher demand, and technology
David, F. R., & David, F. R. (2017). Strategic management: A competitive advantage approach, concepts and
cases (16th ed.) [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from
Suggested Reading
The chapter presentations below will provide you with additional information on this unit’s concepts.
Click here to access the PowerPoint version of the Chapter 9 Presentation.
Click here to access the PDF version of the Chapter 9 Presentation.
In the Unit VI Paper Segment, you will be completing a SWOT analysis. The website below will give you
additional information on how to complete this task, including a helpful video and specific questions to answer
for each category of the SWOT analysis. Go to, click on the search icon, and
search “SWOT Analysis.”
BBA 4951, Business Policy and Strategy

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