Black Personality and Tethered Strategies

address the below constructs placing the corresponding number in parentheses so that I might see exactly where and how it is expressed.  Be mindful that definitions alone will not adequately get to what is being asked of you.  It is necessary for you to explain with examples and prose that effectively synthesize your thoughts.

You’ll be brilliant.

  1. Control, Prediction and Understanding
  2. Subjectivity and Objectivity
  3. Race as a defining and refining context
  4. Intellective Competence
  5. Hegemony and Hierarchy
  6. Race as Fiction and Race as Real
  7. The significance of Immanuel Kant
  8. Social Darwinism
  9. A Racialized Society
  10. Master Narratives of Race
  11. Human Personality Development With Racialized Societies and the Centrality of Identity
  12. The Negro Problem
  13. Double Consciousness
  14. Asset v. Pathology
  15. Adaptation
  16. Resilience v. Defiance
  17. The Politics of a Black Personality and Tethered Strategies

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