BUS520 Strayer University Organizational Issues I got a B on this paper but my instructor is giving me a chance to get an A+! Please read her comments belo

BUS520 Strayer University Organizational Issues I got a B on this paper but my instructor is giving me a chance to get an A+! Please read her comments below and make the necessary changes to the paper to meet the A+ standards!


You earned a grade of B on this paper (85%). There are a few areas needing more detail and explanation. Please review my feedback below.

You sufficiently describe the organization and provided details about the company along with identifying the issues and describing what you know about them. In describing the issues it showed me you understood how the issues impacted the organization. There were many elements missing from the paper that could have positively impacted my knowing you understood how to diagnosis organizational problems. There needed to be more information about the company (e.g. when they were established, what service(s) or products they provide, and other relevant information).

In terms of current corporate culture, you want to talk about the organizational culture in detail by drawing on and synthesizing corporate information about the company. It is important to make logical and realistic connections that are supported by source material. The application of research to help you understand the concepts was lacking.

Now, in this part of the paper you needed to provide strengths and weaknesses. You did a really good job of coming up with strengths and weaknesses of the organization. It’s important, though, to get out a handful of positive and negative areas of the organization. However, additional details and source support would improve this part of the paper.

When you develop a program you must first propose solutions, you need to make sure to fully explore the pros and cons of those options. This assignment allows you a checklist of what you need to look for in ensuring you have the right solution to the right problem. You did provide some solutions that made some connections to resolve the problem. There need to be a little more explanation of the resolution to determine you could make the connection.

Your references met the paper requirement. Good job!

There were just a few Strayer Writing Standards related citation issues. Remember that you always need to provide support for information that is the work of someone else. Fuller 1
Student Name
Strayer University
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Dr. W
January 27, 2019
Fuller 2
Organizational Issues and Solutions
Current Corporate Culture
Ford as a company faced enormous challenges that led to failure and subsequent
replacement of the management. The corporate culture before the failure of the company
disregarded the need to enhance teamwork in the organization. The company had put much
focus on establishing a presence in different markets while failing to integrate all these markets
through effective communication (Thompson n.p). There was a missing link in how the
company managed its several marketing offices while ensuring that the company produced
quality products. It is through this culture that communication problems escalated to the point
where the company could no longer produce competitive products. The failure in innovation and
development could be explained through the lack of communication between the marketing
department and the production department (Thompson n.p). It is through this problem that the
company lost the sense of direction of working together as a team to enhance innovation and
prevent the company from the failures that precede the American financial crisis.
Areas of Weakness
Ford is a company that represented the American auto industry as it is part of the pioneer
companies in the country. Despite its rich history, the company had some weaknesses that aided
the challenges it faced before changing its management. One of the areas of weakness that are
associated with Ford is the product and development department (Thompson n.p). At the point
when issues escalated in the company, it became evident that innovation was no longer a priority
in the company. For a company that operates in a competitive industry, innovation is critical in
Fuller 3
product development. It aids in marketing as marketers find it competitive to offer products that
meet the tastes of the clients. The innovation and development department was a major letdown
to the company as it led to the release of substandard products. Besides, it is the lack of
innovation that saw the company being severely affected by the economic problems that affected
the company. The numerous product recalls in 2015 and 2016 can all be linked to the production
of substandard products (Thompson n.p). The other area of weakness is global marketing. Ford
is a company that has failed to establish a brand globally. Despite investing enormous resources
into marketing, the company has failed to improve sales particularly in new markets where
competitors are gaining ground. These issues have massively affected the company something
that has seen a change of management as well as the introduction of new strategies to salvage the
company from collapsing.
Proposed Solutions
The problems faced by the company can be resolved through the improvement of
communication practices and organizational culture. There is a need for the company to
implement good practices that would promote open communication in the organization. A
change of organizational structure to decentralize decision is a practice that would see lower
levels of employees having a say in the operations of the business (Heath 85). Besides, the
company needs to introduce sessions of engaging employees to aid in identifying and solving
problems before they escalate. Three solutions can help address the current issue faced by Ford.
First, the company needs to change its mission and vision and capture new values that would
promote communication. There is a need to have a change in the production department to
promote innovation and development of better products. The company should enhance the
Fuller 4
coordination between different departments to facilitate teamwork. Coordination of activities
creates a synergy that would promote good communication among the staff and the management.
Works Cited
Heath, Robert L., and Jennings Bryant. Human communication theory and research: Concepts,
contexts, and challenges. Routledge, 2013: 45-187
Thompson, Andrew. Ford Motor Company’s Vision Statement, Mission Statement. Panmore
Institute. 2017, Feb 5. Retrieved from http://panmore.com/ford-motor-company-visionstatement-mission-statement

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