Child Exploitation on the Internet Make up at list (outline) of at least 3 to 4 questions to best / support your research. Also provide some of the actual

Child Exploitation on the Internet Make up at list (outline) of at least 3 to 4 questions to best / support your research. Also provide some of the actual examples (crimes committed) and how are they being addressed? Presentation: Create a PowerPoint presentation on the same topic you just described in your paper. When creating the PowerPoint presentation, pretend that you are an intelligence agency briefing the president of the United States. Your PowerPoint presentation should be between 8 and 12 slides and be created to last about 10 to 15 minutes. Please remember that a PowerPoint presentation is there to support and not replace your paper or speech. You want to keep it straight and simple (KISS). Be sure to only use keywords and stay away from using whole sentences.Please use the below given file info to make power point presentation. I need bullet points and pictures for ppt not paragraphs. And also you need to add best examples of child exploitation on internet for the word and ppt CHILD EXPLOITATION ON THE INTERNET
Child Exploitation on the Internet
Economic globalization, internationalization, modernization, and free trade have been welcomed
in all the continents without due consideration of the unanticipated set of social problems that
come with them (Bales, 1999; Estes, 1997; Lie, 1996). Children are treasures and are not to be
used and abused – but to be loved and nurtured. There is evidence of the dramatic rise in child
exploitation incidences. The most virulent forms of this exploitation include child pornography,
bullying, harassment, sexting, juvenile prostitution and trafficking, and solicitation. This
exploitation is not limited by race, ethnicity or economic boundaries. The cry of abused and
exploited children is all over the world. There are several studies that have been carried out on
health or psychological effects of this exploitation. Understandably, the awareness of child
exploitation has been increasing each day. There have been major developments in organizations
that support such victims. This study aims to bring to light all issues surrounding child
exploitation on the internet as well as provide relevant recommendations so as to curb this vice.
All factors that contribute to child exploitation need to be put into consideration. There is a need
for joint collaboration of all the stakeholders in fighting child exploitation on the internet. All
these will help in creating a healthy and peaceful society. The benefits of such a success cannot
be estimated in the current state of events.
My study has been based on the following questions whose answers I seek to find:
1. What are groups of children at the greatest risk of exploitation?
2. How do adult perpetrators of cybercrime against children benefit?
3. What is the extent of organized criminal units involved in child exploitation?
The increase of Internet use
The Internet has powerfully leveraged the ability to search, manage and share
information across the globe. This online platform has created jobs for many people. The
accessibility to information is very simple. Researchers can acquire every piece of information
they need in the shortest time possible. Learning institutions have developed platforms for elearning so as to cope with the current changing environment. Organizations have changed some
of their strategies so as to remain competitive in the market. This is a great step ahead aimed at
making sure the human race is as comfortable as possible at home and in their workplaces. A
fool will not recognize the many benefits that accompany internet use.
On the other hand, Internet use has its own repercussions which cannot be ignored. Both
destructive and Constructive information is now available to everyone. The only choice that
remains is how to use the information to save or destroy mankind. Perpetrators of evils can now
reach any person across the globe in addition to being able to coordinate all their activities. The
greatest risk rests on the children who cannot be in a position to make a rational decision on all
the information they access. There is even more dangerous when children are transformed into
monsters and end up in compromising situations. They are exploited by selfish people who care
less for the results of their actions. Some of these things happen so fast but their impact is so
Recruitment of children
A research from the National Criminal Intelligence (NCIS), Interpol, Europol, and the
FBI, found the Internet to be the principal conduit for child abuse (Silverman, 2002).
Unfortunately, the freedom of the Internet has created a wide platform where children can be
reached at any time. The offenders have networked in different places in their effort to recruit
more children into different vices. The offenders are sadists some of them being victims of
similar vices that they promote. The offenders are very cautious during this process so that they
fulfill their objectives without being discovered. They lure children by playing mind games with
the children who will do anything if their desires will be met. Other offenders brainwash their
victims on religious lines and definitely change their religious beliefs. The process may take time
depending on the level of willingness expressed by the child on initial introduction. The process
may also be so complex and some children may not know if they have been recruited.
These fallacies interfere with the psychological responses of the child who later gives in
to them. The children find it soothing to keep such information a secret and pretend nothing is
happening until they fall victims of exploitation. They consequently suffer affective, anxiety,
stress and personality disorders from the different forms of exploitation. These effects may even
be manifested in the adult life of the children depending on the damage made at the beginning.
Factors that increase susceptibility to exploitation
A higher number of children in poverty are at the greatest risk of exploitation (Benjamin,
1998). Organized gang activities promote child prostitution so as to raise funds. Some parents
also advocate it supports the household economy or parental drug habits. In addition to this,
family dysfunction (e.g., violence, mental illness, sexual and other intimacy boundary issues),
family sexual assaults, drug dependency, and recurrent social failures contribute to increased
susceptibility to exploitation.
Investigators of child exploitation can confirm that the pre-existence of adult prostitution
markets contribute to the development of sexual secondary markets where children are sexually
exploited, e.g. Chicago, Las Vegas, Honolulu, New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco. This
exploitation is because of poverty and the children from poor families are most likely to fall
victims. The most intriguing factor is that these exploitations are generally initiated by a more
powerful offender who exerts his or her will over that of the child to secure a sexual, economic
or other benefit of value. The basic rights, dignity and emotional security of the children are
ignored. My study has established that most exploitation is behind an economic context. This
financial benefit arising from the children is what constitutes to organized crime units who
“own” a number of children who serve their financial interests.
Family dysfunction leads to the loss of a sense of belonging and low self-esteem. Such
children will join hands with child oppressors just to gain that sense of belonging and prove that
they can do something for them to acquire any sort of approval. Inadequate love for the child
from the parent has also led to the increase in cases of child exploitation. The child feels
unloved. We are all aware of the busy schedules parents have in an effort to secure a decent life
but fail to recognize the damage this has on the life of their children. The immaturity nature of
street children combined with their lack of education and no marketable work experiences still
reinforce the exploitation we all see even though it is not via the Internet.
Impact of exploitation
The impact of child exploitation and the innocent guardians cannot be underestimated.
They are exposed to a broad range of social, emotional, health and other risks which start when
they are young and may last their entire lives. They are subject to fear, stress, fatigue, and trauma
each day that they live under exploitation. They later fall into relationship problems when they
reach adolescence or in their marriages. The cycle of social problems continues to the next
Examples of Crimes Committed
1. Trish was born in Hawaii and was raised by an alcoholic mother in Kailua. As a child, a
neighbor sexually assaulted her on a weekly basis. By the time she finished intermediate
school, Trish was an alcohol addict. She was later recruited with a pornography ring in
New York and she left her junior school to make money. She eventually “hooked up”
with an escort service that was also involved in the distribution of cocaine. After 13 years
of sex work and substance assault, she was diagnosed with AIDS which forced her to
commit suicide. Her case was being handled by the FBI’s Innocent Images National
2. Tony is a 50-year-old African-American male with legitimate businesses in Las Vegas.
He recruits young girls and women who are homeless and sends them to Honolulu to
work. One of the girls working with The Life Foundation was 15 years old and was being
forced to raise a child of Tony. He is reported to traffic girls to Nevada, California, New
York, the Bahamas, France, and South America. The FBI is investigating this case.
These are just a few examples of the rampant activities of child exploitation on the Internet. This
issue cannot be covered in just a simple research as there is so much information on this
particular topic. Collaborative efforts will be of help in averting this crime. Researchers need to
come up with better strategies to help different organizations that have a keen interest.
I wish to recommend the following:

A higher law enforcement involvement on all Acts around child exploitation

Creation of awareness of child exploitation on the internet to ensure children are
aware of the risks they will face

Investigations to be conducted on suspected groups involved in child exploitation so
as to limit their activities and the government to ensure they monitor Internet usage

Promotion of organizations that support the welfare of children across the globe as
they partner with various stakeholders
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