Conflicts differing perspectives on personality

· Write about the stages in the supervisory relationship.

· Discuss what steps you have taken to prepare for these stages before you formally meet with your supervisor.

· Include in your discussion the amount of time you spend in preparation and describe the materials you take with you to the planned meeting.

Part 2

· Discuss what you have learned through formally meeting with your internship supervisor, and include the most beneficial information you have gained from the process.

· Discuss what methods you have used to process any feedback the supervisor has given to you.

· Discuss the challenges you have faced in supervision, including conflicts or differing perspectives, personality differences, your willingness or hesitancy to communicate clearly with your supervisor, difficulty in accepting feedback, and any other challenges you have experienced.

This entry must be a minimum of 1200 words. Be sure to use citations and reference any material you use from the text or other scholarly material.

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