Creativity and Innovation Best Practices

Your manager has asked you to design a Creativity and Innovation Best Practices document. This document will outline the importance of creativity and innovation in the modern workplace and the ways that you can increase creativity in your organization. The purpose of the document is to help your organization solve problems with fresh perspectives while utilizing only limited resources. You will design a document that the organization can follow regularly to attack problems in new and creative ways. It will include a handout for use by the leaders and managers within the organization.

Part 1 Tasks (Objectives from Weeks 1–4)

Creativity and Innovation Best Practices. Include your work from the prior weeks, and make any necessary revisions to your draft as indicated by your instructor and peers.

A brief overview of your organization (your current workplace or an organization of your choosing)

Overview of theories of creativity and innovation (Week 1)

Overview of perspectives on creativity and its importance or application in the workplace (Week 2)

Overview of individual, group, and organizational creativity (Week 3)

Current issues of individual and group creativity and addressing potential restraints on creativity (Week 4)

4 recommended creative-thinking exercises or tools that would be of value to the organization (e.g., brainstorming and reframing) (Weeks 1–4)

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