Crime Victims Compensation

REPLY 2-1 AS (150 words and 1 reference) Texas has a Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) program. The CVC assists by providing information, resources, financial aid, and education to crime victims and the organizations who can also assist helping them. Being a victim advocate we have to know the details of the CVC in case we have to relay the resources to our victims. Very rarely do we have victims in my area, as I am an advocate for children and many have not exceeded the age of 10.

The CVC began in 1980 and falls under Chapter 56B (recodifes ch. 56, subch. B)(2021). CVC seeks to compensate victims of crime for certain out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by other sources.I feel there is a terrible gap in resources as this in the main compensation program in Texas, but they are willing to assist after other non-profits and programs have lent a hand as well essentially (Medicaid,Health insurance,Medicare,Texas Workers’ Compensation,Auto insurance). I do not believe they have evolved this program as it should especially during inflation.the funds gathered are from court fees, donations and restitution.for instance they will compensate you only 6500 for funeral expenses, only 3800 if you have to relocate if you family were victims, 1k (they state this is reasonable) if you have to replace things taken as evidence and only 300 per week for childcare.

I think they need to reevaluate these numbers or reimbursement. I don’t think they take into considerate the cost of living or cost of many of there expenses prior to being victims. These amounts may be reasonable for smaller down, but certainly unacceptable for larger cities in Texas.

REPLY 2-1 ZA (150 words and 1 reference) In Arizona, there are quite a few resources that are available for victims of all sorts of crimes. These can range from counseling services, programs, legal services, hotlines, and a general understanding of these crimes. There are direct compensation options that are available as well as other resources that can be accessed without further costs. “Arizona, like every state, administers a crime victim compensation program that provides financial assistance to victims of both federal and state crimes. A county-based Crime Victim Compensation Board determines awards through an application process” (Victim compensation & restitution) and the maximum amount that is given is $25,000. A gap that I see in this is the need to apply for this support, it is interesting to know that it is offered and available but only if your situation qualifies. Not every case may be accepted for compensation and it makes me sad to know that somebody who is a victim may not receive the help that they need. One idea that I have for improvement would be ongoing therapy or psychiatrist outlet for the victim. It is so important to take care of your mental health and so many people don’t receive help due to the cost. I think if there was a way to have the victim be able to talk to somebody about their trauma and never need to worry about a medical bill it would make a huge difference.

REPLY 2-2 RC (150 words and 1 reference) I chose the video, “Invisible War Shines Light on Rape in the Military, ” by Films Media Group. In this video there are multiple women who survived rape and sexual assault while serving in the military. One victim by the name of Jessica Hinves stated her attacker broke in through her bathroom, raped her and left. Jessica was transferred to another base where they closed the case stating it was essentially an occupational hazard and her attacker ended up getting a commendation medal for his work in the military (Films Media Group, 2013). This was a short video and from almost 10 years ago but I do believe there are many more cases similar to Jessica’s of the victim getting dismissed/punished while the attacker gets to go about there normal life. Being in the military myself on the active duty side and receive side for almost 15 years I have no doubt that these women are telling the truth. This video shows a very short version of what it can be like to be a women in a predominately male career field with leaders that do not believe you should be there or take you seriously. The victims years ago were not offered and victim services and most were too afraid to even come forward because they knew they would have repercussions instead of their attacker.

I do believe this issue is taken more serious in recent years and attackers do face harsh punishments, even discharge. There are victim services readily available and training is conducted on this topic at least 2 or 3 times a year. According to a recent article in the AF Times, the AF realizes these behaviors do not align with the core values and not have a zero tolerance policy for these crimes (Cohen, 2022). The article also states that they will not consider an attackers work performance, home life, years of service etc (Cohen, 2022). This ideal will demolish the “good ol’ boys” system that is often times in place. I do personally believe this is a good effort but there are always failures and unfortunately some victims whether it’s a man or a women will still get the punishment or will not be believed, but it is a step in the right direction for the military.

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