CSCI234 Sp’19 Brown University Schaper Sandwich Shop UML Diagram It basically. just need to use UML to create possible classes and functions based off the

CSCI234 Sp’19 Brown University Schaper Sandwich Shop UML Diagram It basically. just need to use UML to create possible classes and functions based off the requirements. The Prof said the requirements are not clear on purpose, so ask a lot of questions to clarify or to get additional information on how everything is laid out. Attached is the document with the requirement. CSCI 234 – Software Engineering
Spring 2019
Project Initial User Requirements
Client is the Schaper Sandwich Shop. There is currently one location of this business. The client
is considering starting a delivery service in order to keep up with competitors. The client wants
to franchise their business. The client also wants to dominate the sandwich business. To do so,
it is believed that rather than create a traditional delivery service, it would be better to put the
entire sandwich shop in a truck and have the truck drive to customer houses to deliver
sandwiches. A sandwich truck will have the entire ability of a brick-and-mortar store.
The client wants to also update their menu. The client has specialty sandwiches that their
customers love. They will also determine the best (most desirable) menu based on customer
surveys. The menu must contain sandwiches that can be prepared in the limited space of the
The basic operation of a truck will be as follows:
• Customer places an order by phone or online website.
• The address of the customer is used to determine the route the truck will follow. This
route is updated each time an order is placed. Routes must not cause indefinite
postponement of deliveries.
• Each order is placed in a queue of orders such that each order will be ready before the
time the truck reaches the delivery destination. Order preparation must be as close as
possible to delivery time so as to keep the sandwiches as fresh as possible.
• The orders are prepared and packaged for delivery.
• When a destination is reached, an employee takes the order to the customer’s door
and collects payment.
• If the truck has no orders, it will patrol neighborhoods and make road side sales.
• If the truck runs low of a product, it will schedule a stop at a supply center to restock.
• The truck has a driver, an order taker and deliverer, and an order preparer.
The client wants a software system that will run the business of the truck. To test the concept
of a mobile sandwich shop, the client wants a simulation of the operation of the truck. The
software must:
• allow for order entry
• Schedule delivery times and the truck route. There must be an easy way to change the
heuristics used to create the routes so that the company can experiment with different
• Scheduling of order preparation and packaging.
• Keep track of the cash register.
• Customers must be able to keep track of the location of the truck.
The client knows that the requirements for this operation are not complete and is relying on
the software development company it hires to help flesh out additional details (or even ideas)
regarding the mobile sandwich truck.

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