Discussion Research Project Review 

This  Discussion: Research Project Review consists of presenting your Results and Discussion sections of your Research Project and providing professional feedback to your peers. These activities will enable you to continue honing your scientific writing skills (being concise and precise) and using the systematic organization of a professional empirical paper. It forces you to consider research results within a bigger picture – how do findings fit, contradict, and expand our current understanding in the field? Try to see multiple perspectives in the interpretations to avoid confirmation bias. Sharing your research findings with the scientific and lay community is essential to expanding our understanding of mental processes and behavior, with the ultimate goal of bettering the lives of ourselves and others. Receiving and providing constructive feedback related to scientific writing is a professional skill that deepens as one’s knowledge of research methods and statistics expands. As we near the end of this course, this is your chance to illustrate your deepened understanding of these concepts. See the Instructions document for further information.

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