Final Submission Assignment Instructions

Research Paper: Final Submission Assignment Instructions



Now that you have thoroughly investigated and gathered research through the previous two assignments, you are ready to write a research paper addressing Classical and Instrumental (Operant) Conditioning Theories. This culminating assignment will provide a research foundation for your work in the field as a professional. Understanding foundational theories of learning is imperative to providing the best opportunities for learning in various settings. Completion of this assignment will improve research and communication skills while increasing your knowledge of these theories.



Create a formal, current APA formatted paper using the following specifications and outline.

· Body of the paper should be a minimum of 8 pages (this does not include the title page or reference page)

· Current APA style is required.

· Minimum of 10 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles addressing Classical and/or Instrumental (Operant) Conditioning, published within the most recent 5 years, as well as the textbook, and the Bible, must be included in both in-text citations and the reference page.

· Websites are not acceptable sources.

· Do not include direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase information from the scholarly sources (using in-text citations) in order to demonstrate your mastery of each concept.

· Do not use first person. Write in a formal college-level essay style.

· Current APA Level 1 sub-headings must be used throughout the paper. The 6 main sections of the paper will address the following topics:


1. Historical Development of Each Theory—For each theory, discuss prominent persons and their corresponding historic contributions. Include how each theory developed over time.


2. Key Concepts of Each Theory—This section will focus on the major points of each theory. How is new information acquired? What are the goals of learning? What is unique about each theory?


3. Compare and Contrast Research Findings for Instrumental (Operant) Conditioning—This section will compare and contrast findings from the 10 peer-reviewed scholarly research articles. Do not copy your work from the annotated bibliography. Instead, integrate your findings as you compare and contrast research from the textbook and scholarly journal articles.


4. Learning Implications—This section will discuss the implications for how learning takes place in the classroom. How does Instrumental (Operant) Conditioning work to increase learning? How might a teacher encourage learning using concepts of motivational mechanisms and stimulus control?

5. Biblical Worldview—Discuss what the Bible says regarding learning behaviors in humans. How would a biblical worldview impact a learner? Use scripture in context and thoroughly explain application of the scripture.


6. Most Significant Learning—Explain one factor which you found to be the most significant information learned in this course. (Do not use first person.) Substantiate this decision with research support citing scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles and the textbook.


Use the following as an outline for your paper:


Title Page


Historical Development

Classical Conditioning

Instrumental (Operant) Conditioning

Key Concepts

Classical Conditioning

Instrumental (Operant) Conditioning

Integration of Research Findings

Education Implications

Biblical Worldview

Most Significant Learning


Reference Page


Note: Your assignment Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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