How Education Affects Health

Health Care Equity

  • Did you address at least three aspects of the issue you chose?
    • Aspect 1: Economic aspect
    • Aspect 2: Racial and ethical aspect
    • Aspect 3: How Education Affects Health
  • Does each aspect have relevant and authoritative evidence in support of your point?
  • Have you included a view that is in opposition to your viewpoint, and have you answered that opposing view, pointing out its flaws in such a way as to refute it?

contains the following:

  • An opening paragraph that states a clear thesis that is focused, plausible, and arguable and that gives direction and purpose to the assignment
  • A fair-minded, balanced, and objective development of the pros and cons of the issue in a well-organized sequence of ideas, free of mechanical errors
  • Credible, reliable, and authoritative evidence in support of the points made
  • A strong conclusion that summarizes your views, reminds the audience of the issue and its importance, and shows in brief that you have successfully defended your thesis

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