Management position at a multinational company

You have just been promoted to a management position at a multinational company. Most of the leaders of the company are from the baby-boomer generation, which is known for closely adhering to a hierarchical, top-down leadership model. They have been with the company for an average of 18 years. You have been with the company nearly 5 years, working your way up from a team leader at one of the subsidiaries of the company. You feel confident in your relationships with most of the senior leadership. The new director, an outsider, has asked you to create a leadership development program that focuses on concepts from positive psychology and the servant leader philosophy. These concepts are very foreign to the culture of the company, which makes your task more complicated.

As you are creating this leadership development program, the need has become apparent for you to develop your own personal philosophy of leadership that is based on the concepts of positive psychology and servant leadership.

You decide to develop your own leadership creed that can be used to assist the development of the organization’s leaders.

This process would provide excellent training material for this program. The creed should include the following:

Key concepts from both positive psychology and servant leadership

You can use the following format as a guide:

Begin with a description of leadership in general; include the concepts from positive psychology and servant leadership.

Include a description of you as a leader.

Develop a declaration of your commitments as a leader.

Because this is a personal process and it is your own creation, there is no required format.

To adequately cover the material, you will need to produce a mantra that is at least 3 pages in length. Although this is your own creation, it must—at a minimum—include the key concepts from these 2 areas with a statement regarding what will be applied to your efforts as an effective leader.

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