Milestones of Motor Development

Lifespan Development 2222

Milestones of Motor Development

Your textbook is great— but is not clear– and even misleading in the chart given for motor development for when movement skills should develop. Use this guideline INSTEAD of your book’s chart for better accuracy.


3.2 months:

rolling over








3.3 months:

grasping rattle

5.9 months:

sitting without support

7.2 months:

standing while holding on

8.2 months: grasping with thumb and finger
11.5 months: standing alone well







12.3 months: walking well 14.8 months: building tower of two cubes 16.6 months: walking up steps 23.8 months: jumping in place



**Fifty percent of children are able to perform each skill at the month indicated below. However, the specific timing at which each skill appears varies widely. For example, one-quarter of children are able to walk well at 11.1 months; by 14.9 months, 90 percent of children are walking well. See your lesson for a further discussion of motor development and ‘red flags.’





(Source: Adapted from Frankenburg et al., 2002)

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