MMAPP12 STIRLING Internet Addiction In Kuwait Methodological Critique 1500 Word Methodological Critique (40%) Select a published piece of media research f

MMAPP12 STIRLING Internet Addiction In Kuwait Methodological Critique 1500 Word Methodological Critique (40%)

Select a published piece of media research from an academic journal or edited book collection and

critically analyse its methodological approach. Your essay should:

• consider the research paradigm in which the research was carried out (ie. its conceptual


• briefly examine its main objectives and their validity;

• critically explore the appropriateness of the methods used;

• focus on the methodological problems raised by the research and its strengths and weaknesses.

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the original article : Methodological Critique Analysis
Internet Addiction in Kuwait and Efforts to Control It
Samir N. Hamade
Kuwait University, City Kuwait
Student: 2647067
The research on Internet addiction involved students from the University of Kuwait. The
pattern followed during the study ensured that a rough estimate of the percentage of
students who were highly addicted compared to the early results as compiled by the
Internet addiction test was measured. It also illustrated the efforts taking place to control
it at the family, organizational, and government levels. The two variables that were put
in place for the research were university student’s level of awareness and their level of
addiction to “digital heroin” (Hamade, 2017).
There were various hypotheses which were generated in respect to Internet addiction.
First, there were these hypotheses that controlling internet addiction required the study
of its relationship with some personality traits that might predispose individuals to
internet addiction. When the students were involved in measuring the level of
awareness, it was noted that the level of awareness was low. The method used in the
research included male and female students from Kuwait University where it was
identified that 25% of the students had low level addiction and 10% of the students had
high addiction. Males were also found to be at a higher risk of internet addiction as
compared to females. When their living pattern was closely followed, this was identified.
Male student’s living pattern included spending more time with friends on the outside,
and the tendency of visiting internet cafes and gaming hubs.
The main objective of the pre-mentioned study was to identify the extent of internet
addiction by using a group of university students from Kuwait. Despite Kuwait being a
small nation, it had displayed a high potential of internet addiction among its inhabitants.
In the year 2009, a campaign awareness on internet addiction was conducted in the
traditional media. The results of the study were that many individuals had been affected
by the disorder thereby prompting the government to act steadily to try and reduce the
extent of the damage. However, the government was not successful in their
undertakings since the measure they put in place were rather restrictive than positive in
Identifying the extent of internet addiction in Kuwait enabled researchers involved in the
study to set up various counter strategies that would work to minimize the rate of
addiction. For example, when the research identified that male students were the most
affected by internet addiction, it would be easy to reduce their addiction to “digital
heroin” first through identifying the avenues which trigger their excessive use of the
internet such as game lounges and internet cafes and second by limiting their stay in
such places thereby limiting the internet usage in turn.
Before embarking on the extent of addiction among the students, it was necessary to
identify if there had been some effort made towards ensuring that light had been shed
on the cons associated with internet addiction. The research did so but identified that
the level of awareness that had been made was significantly small compared to the
level of internet addiction. The objective was crucial and additionally valid as it would
have enabled to reason on the weather people were just arrogant with respect to
internet usage or if they just had not been educated on the effects of excessive surfing.
Apart from identifying the level of addiction, it was also necessary to identify the group
of students highly affected by the disorder. This would enable the stakeholders
concerned with rehabilitation of “digital heroin” users to identify the root cause of the
addiction, the catalysts to addiction and with respect to the causes, identify the best
possible and positive ways to deal with the addiction. This objective was essentially
valid as it helped recognize the group of people mostly addicted by the use of the
internet and enabled the review of the causative agents of excessive internet usage
such as internet cafes thereby making the laying down of strategies to counteract
internet usage to be easy.
The government had devised various ways of dealing with internet usage. However, it
was not successful in its undertakings as its focus was more restrictive than positive.
During the research, three major stakeholders were given the duty of dealing with the
hazard. They were organized into three levels. These levels included the family level
which required the close allies of individuals addicted to internet users to help them in
getting through the addiction. The other two levels included the organizational and
government levels. When ways of dealing with internet addiction were arrived at, it was
easier to curb the increase I the population addicted to the internet. The objective was
therefore valid as a study with no forward direction would be as good as no study at all.
During the study, various methods were put in place to identify, keep track, and
ascertain the extent of internet addiction and the ways that would probably aid in
curbing the hazards brought about by the excessive use of the internet. Most of the
methods that were put into action showed a great level of appropriateness especially
with respect to research. One of the methods used and which is evident is the case
study is the division of the groups of students under study according to gender. By so
doing, the general behavior of females and males are critically analyzed, and each
identified contributing factors to the excessive use of internet analyzed solely. For
example, once it was identified that males have dominated in the addiction to internet
use, need to dig deeper into the cause was identified and later while compiling the
various ways of dealing with the matter.
When it was identified that the earlier measures for controlling internet addiction were
restrictive more than they were positive, the researchers adopted different methods in
an attempt to reduce the heavy usage of the internet. At the government level,
measures were developed which required the internet service providers to install filters
which restricted access to sites widely used and visited by users such as pornographic
sites, online gambling sites, and online gaming sites. Organizations also adopted some
methods which were also aimed at restricting the use of the internet to minimize the
extent of addiction among their employees. The approach adopted to effect this was
blocking some websites which posed threats through imposing filters on their networks.
Families also took some measures and incorporated various methods to ensure that
their children did not succumb to the risks posed by the exposure to harmful materials
on the internet and the general internet usage. Some parents installed software’s inhome computers which filtered content and ensured restriction regarding hours spent on
surfing and limit from inappropriate websites. All these methods put together, one
involves research of the level of addiction, and the measures set forth to counteract the
addiction possess an attribute of being appropriate as discussed above. The use of
filters and limitations have been embraced by other scholarly articles such as, “Building
systems to block pornographic contents by Chan, Y., Harvey, R., & Smith, D,” as a
means of preventing addiction to sites providing explicit content
After analyzing the case at Kuwait, the author concludes that internet addiction cannot
be fully resolved. He suggests that the only thing that can be done includes slowing
down the progress and preventing the addiction from spreading. However, the author
illustrates that various steps can be adopted in an attempt to reduce the addiction with a
particular step is getting closer to God. However, I find this opinion as a vague one
since the growing technological advancement requires the use of internet and even
though a user may be using the internet ethically, some pop-up messages and other
content may find him prompting him to click them. In his argument, the author should
have considered many factors and at least focus on professionalism and therefore a
preformed solution.
There are other problems which have been raised by the research which erupt from
excessive use of the internet. In the study, it has been identified that addiction to the
internet leads to some drawbacks such as the Internet Addiction Disorder, loss of jobs,
divorce from spouses, dropping out of school, and cut off from real social relationships.
Some of these problems can even be experienced today in the real world in relation to
the use of Internet. For example, at times, people tend to focus more on the computer
gadgets hence neglecting chores at home or those at working stations. Continued
neglecting of chores in both settings may cause either divorces or loss of jobs.
The research is successful to some extent. This is because, due to the study, there
have been some identifiable traits that would aid in solving the problems and more so in
effecting the reduction of internet addiction. The knowledge obtained from the study in
Kuwait University is also essential for future use and even for enabling the laying down
of strategies aimed at reducing the use of the internet.
The fact that conclusion vividly explains that eliminating internet addiction is an
impossible thing, then the sole purpose of the research fails. The author also indicating
that some divine intervention should take part in ensuring that internet addiction is
reduced is a weakness, in the sense that not everyone embraces religion and even the
incorporation of religion in other contents of the internet is almost impossible.
Hamade, S. (2017). Internet Addiction in Kuwait and Efforts to control it. In Proceedings
of The 8th International Conference on Society and Information Technologies (pp.
883-886). Las Vegas: International Conference on Information Technology- New
Generation. Retrieved from
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