Objective approaches to assessment

Both Majors Answer These Two Questions:

· Have you ever been assessed qualitatively?  What was your reaction?

· Some people argue that objective approaches to assessment are superior to qualitative methods.  Where do you stand on this issue?

School Counselors ONLY Answer These Two Additional Questions

· Identify ten adults you know who could serve as “experts” with elementary or secondary students exploring occupations.

· Visit/Phone/Email a local school counselor. Interview him/her to learn about specific assessments conducted specifically regarding career development.  Also, find out about the career center (virtual or brick and mortar) offered to students.

CMHC Counselors ONLY Answer These Two Additional Questions

· Visit/Phone/Email a local career center. Interview at least one employee (try for a counselor, please) at the center regarding its strengths and weaknesses.

· Identify resources within your community (brick and mortar or virtual) that could be used in assisting a client with career counseling.

After posting your original response, read other postings, and post a response to at least two classmates using the ABC model.

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