Poor leadership affect

For this assignment, you will complete a reflection.

For the reflection, take the time to reflect on everything you have learned so far in the course about leadership along with personal experiences that are relatable to leadership.

Think about the following to guide you in your reflection:

To you, why is leadership so important in the workplace? What benefits does good leadership bring to an organization and how can poor leadership affect an organization?
How and why are great leaders effective? Are there any private or public habits that a great leader possesses?
Think about your life journey with leadership. Have there been any good leaders in your life that have influenced you to do or become better? What have been your experiences with poor leaders?
Have you been in any leadership positions? These can be official positions or natural leadership roles. Was there any specific strategy you used to be a good leader? Are there any strategies and leadership styles you have learned so far in this course that you would consider using?
What are some principles or values you believe a leader should possess? What ethical boundaries must a leader be aware of?
Think about your personal experiences, has leadership shaped any desires or goals you may have? For example, has leadership influenced you to pursue more, have more desires, have bigger goals, etc?
Think about yourself as a leader, what motivates you? These can be intrinsic and/or extrinsic factors.
Keep in mind, leadership is perceived throughout all aspects of life. Use this as a freelance opportunity to simply understand your own leadership journey and reflect upon life experiences, desires, and goals.

Your Reflection should be no shorter than 750 words but you are welcome to exceed this.

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