Precision of words strategies

Submission Instructions

Instructions: Now it is time to write your argumentative essay.  The issue you select to write the argumentative essay should be researchable, arguable, and supported by credible sources in 2-3 pages.

1. Use the information from your  outline to organize your ideas.

2. Include the following:

Introductory paragraph

1. Begin with an engaging lead about a debatable issue.

2. Include background information.

3. Include the thesis statement: three specific aspects that hold the argument together.

Body paragraphs

1. Discuss the three specific aspects of the argument.

2. Organize your paragraphs in the most logical way according to the points in the thesis statement.

3. Make sure each body paragraph begins with a clear topic sentence.

4. Address the opposing view using the phrases discussed.

5. Back up your claim with evidence (examples, research, statistics, experiences, text citations).

6. Use transition words and phrases within the paragraph and from paragraph to connect ideas.


3. Restate your thesis, summarize all the arguments made in the body paragraphs, and appeal to a reader’s emotions.

4. Refer to the different types of concluding sentences.

5. Before you submit your essay:

6. Revise your essay:  Take apart the information to see what in the body works and what is unconnected. Look again at your argumentative essay and find opportunities for reordering and rewording, making changes to content, and insert transitions. This process may include adding information as well as deleting elements that, upon reconsideration, prove redundant or unnecessary.

7. Edit:  Fine-tune the language. Read with fresh eyes and decide if words need to be moved around or changed. Look for grammar, mechanics, misspellings and awkward wording and rework for the sake of clarity. Use the Microsoft Word spell-check feature -and watch for red wavy lines beneath certain words. Check for typos and unintentional repetition of words.


· Include all references in APA format, 7th Edition

· Use high quality mentor texts that provide the type of writing (words and structures) you want to develop in your own essay.

· Refer to the following:

· Precision of words strategies

· Punctuation and mechanics

· Microsoft spell check

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