Reaction based on personal experiences

Based on what you have learned in class thus far and on the research on the WEB, write a unified and clear discussion. You are expected to consult outside sources to go beyond what has been presented in class.



1. Post your answer as established by your instructor on the course calendar. Your comments must be written in your own words. You can offer examples and quotes to support your proposals. Citations of other authors must be adequately documented (author’s name, title, date, etc.).


1. Your reaction may be based on personal experiences, study material, or additional information obtained from the  Online Library (Links to an external site.)  or others and may include:

· Some understanding is received from what is published that synthesizes the information and offers new perspectives or suggestions.

· The validation or rejection of the idea (supported by your experience or research).

· New information broadens, adds, or contrasts perspectives (based on reading and evidence).

2. Remember that your work must be original and not contain material copied from books or the internet. You must respect the intellectual property of the authors and not commit plagiarism.

3. Examine the criteria used to evaluate your assignment to find out how to get the highest grade for your work. The assignments are graded or evaluated through rubrics or the distribution of points.

4. Before submitting your entry, read your message several times. This will ensure that it contains the exact information you want to communicate.


· Contribute a minimum of 200 words to the initial post. It should include at least one academic source, formatted and cite in APA.

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