Relationship between two sets of data

  • This is a complicated looking chart, but it really isn’t complicated. The chart explains very clearly how 6 demographic indicators are related with measurable IQ.
  • These data are strictly correlational, which means that these are the average relationships found in the population.  This is not a cause and effect relationship. A correlation is a relationship between two sets of data in the real world, for example, ice-cream sales and homicide rates are correlated.  If I were to ask you to give me a description of the relationship, you would say that as ice cream sales increase, homicide rates also increase.  Next, you might explain that you think that both of these numbers are driven by a third factor or variable which would be heat, and that all three of these factors increase together.
  • Please use the discussion board this week for a discussion of this chart.

You must post at least once with very clear description of one of the correlations.  Make sure that you understand you are to describe the correlation the way it exists in the population.  Your job here is not to disagree with the chart, just to describe it.  Show me you understand the data.
Once you have described the correlation, give a brief explanation (5-7 sentences) as to how you believe the variables may be related.


  • The following video lesson will help to explain the topic of IQ further.  Please watch it prior to responding.

Is IQ a Good Measure of Intelligence?Links to an external site.

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