Results of self-care assessment

Practicing self-care decreases the likelihood that counselors will experience burn-out. However, how we take care of ourselves before becoming counselors might look different than after.

Please write a 3 page paper reflecting on how you would like to improve your self-care over the next couple of years. Develop a concrete plan that you can implement. Please include each of the sections below:

I. Assessment Reflection

Reflect on the results of your self-care assessment. What areas or items did you score the lowest in? Why do you think these were your lowest areas? Please see attachment for the self-care assessment I had taken and use it in the reflection


II. Current Self-Care

What self-care practices do you currently engage in? How do you feel after you practice these self-care practices?


III. Self-Care Goals

How would you like to improve your self-care? What would you like your future self-care to be like?


IV. Steps to Self-Care

What steps do you need to take to meet your self-care goals? Please list and discuss concrete ways to practice and improve your self-care


V. Summary

Please summarize what you have learned by doing this self-care assignment, including both the assessment and plan.

There is no need to provide references for this reflection paper.

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