Specific self-care behaviors

Self-Care Wheel Worksheet

Based on the results of your Self-Care Assessment, please list specific self-care behaviors in each of the six categories you feel are going well and specific behaviors you would like to improve.



· Areas that are going well:

· eat regular

· get regular medical care for prevention

· get medical care when needed

· take time to be sexual-with yourself, with a partner

· wear clothes you like

· take day trips or mini trips

· make time away from telephone

· take time off when needed

· get enough sleep

· take vacations






· Areas to improve:

· eat healthy

· get massages

· dance, swim, walk, run, play sports, sing, or do some other physical activity that is fun

· excercise





· Areas that are going well:

· read literature

· so something at you are not the expert in or in charge

· notice your inner experience-listen to your thought, judgments, beliefs, attitudes, feelings

· let others know different aspects of you




· Areas to improve:

· make time for self reflection

· have your own personal psychotherapy

· write in a journal

· decrease stress in your lie

· engage your intelligence in a new area, e.g. go to an art museum, history exhibit, sport event, auction, theater performance

· practicing receiving from others

· be curious

· say ‘no’ to extra responsibilities sometimes


· Areas that are going well:

· Give your self affirmations, praise yourself

· love yourself

· re-read favorite books, re-view favorite movies

· identify comforting activities, objects, people, relationships, places and seek them out

· allow yourself to cry

· find things to make you laugh

· paly with children




· Areas to improve:

· Spend time with others whose company you enjoy

· Stay in contact with important people your life

· Express your outrage in social action, letters, and donations marches, protest






· Areas that are going well:

· Spend time with nature

· Find a spiritual connection or community

· Be open to inspiration

· Cherish your optimism and hope

· Be aware of non material aspects of life

· Try in times not to be in charge or the expert

· Be open to not knowing

· Identify what is meaningful to you and know its place in your life

· Pray

· Sing

· Spend time with children

· Have experiences of awe

· Contribute to caused in which you believe

· Read inspirational literature (talks, music, etc.)





· Areas to improve:

· Make time for reflection

· meditate





· Areas that are going well:

· Learn who you are

· Figure out what you want in life

· Plan short and long-term goals

· Make a vision board

· Go on dates

· Spend time with family





· Areas to improve:

· Foster friendships

· Get coffee with a friend

· Get out of debt

· Just relax



· Areas that are going well:

· Take a break during the workday (e.g. lunch)

· Take time to chat with co-workers

· Make quite time to complete tasks

· Identify projects or tasks that are exciting ad rewarding

· Set limits with your clients and colleagues

· Balance your caseload so that no one day or part of a day is “too much”

· Arrange your workspace so it is comfortable and comforting

· Get regular supervision or consultation

· Develop a non-trauma area of professional interest






· Areas to improve:

· Negotiate for your needs (benefits, pay raise)

· Have a peer support group

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