The Christianity Religion

The Christianity Religion


Adiesa Burgess

Dr. Mixon


11 November 2022











The Christianity Religion

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. It involves a large number of people globally who adhere to it. The religion has a number of customs and tenets that have to do with dying, bereavement, rites of grieving, burial and cremation. One of the most active areas of inquiry worldwide has been attempting to comprehend how different religions view death. This subject is significant since everyone must undergo death at some point in their lives. Students that are studying religion and culture will find this information useful. Additionally, this information will be extremely helpful to anyone who is interested in Christianity or, more specifically, death.

Christians consider that a person’s physical existence begins at birth and ends at death. They have a steadfast conviction that there is only one journey through this world, and it ends in death. Christians believe that each person only experiences death once during their lifetime and that it can happen to anyone at any time. Anyone can die, regardless of their age or gender; in other words, whether you’re young or old, male or female, you must pass away. They hold the view that God, their heavenly and spiritual father, decides who lives and who dies as well as planning everyone’s death (Vail III & Soenke 2018). They refer to death as God’s will, which they are obligated to accept despite their heart desires. They believe there is life after death. They hold the view that after passing away, the souls of the deceased begin a new existence.

Undoubtedly, one of the most frequently discussed subjects in literature is death. Themes like pain and grief, love, perseverance, illness, and immortality are frequently depicted in combination with death and are hence closely tied to it. Death typically has themes of pain and grief, particularly when it affects persons who were close to the departed. Mourning stems from suffering and grief (Vail III & Soenke 2018). Mourning is the sentiment of sadness for another person’s passing. Christians believe that after a death, the bereaved person’s immediate family should get together and grieve with them. They view it as something that has an impact on society as a whole. They pray for God to comfort the family members during the period of grieving. They also give God, who they believe is in charge of the departed, the soul of the individual who has passed away.

Once an individual has passed away a ceremony is carried out to celebrate the life of the deceased person, a funeral ceremony. Some of the ceremonies are held publicly or privately depending on the choice of the family members. During the ceremony, they share about the person’s life and bury their body. After the funeral ceremony, the body is either buried or cremated. Burring involves covering the body underground while cremation involves burning the body into ashes. Death is a stage of life which Christians highly honor.



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