Three periods of prenatal development

Choose  two (2) questions to answer. Each answer should be one typed double-spaced page in length.

Indicate, in full, by question number, the question you are answering. You do not have to copy out the question. Submit your answers in order. Your answer to each question is expected to be about one typed double-spaced page in length. You must use complete sentences and proper grammar. Use a typical font and size (we can tell if you change the margins in order to submit a longer answer!).

Answer questions in your own words using your own examples rather than those of the text. If Canadian data is available, be sure to include it in your answers. References are not required because the only source needed to answer these questions is your text. If you do use outside sources, then you must provide the full citation; you will not improve your mark, however, by using outside references.


1. Compare cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Give an example of each. What design has emerged that is based on the advantages of these designs?

2. Compare and contrast any two theories discussed in Chapter 2.

3. Why are males more likely to suffer from sex-linked recessive disorders? How can a female have the disorder?

4. Describe the three periods of prenatal development. Why is the second stage the most dangerous for the developing child?

5. Discuss the kinds of low birth weight that affect a baby. What are the short and long-term consequences?

See the Assignment Schedule for the due date. Submit using the Dropbox.

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