Twenty Statement Test

Twenty Statement Test (TST)

There are twenty numbered blanks on the page below. Please write twenty answer to the simple question “Who am I?” in these blank. Just give twenty different answers to this question; answer as if you were giving the answers to yourself- not someone else. Write your answers in the order that they occur to you. Don’t worry about logic or “importance.” WHO AM I?


1. I’m an Asian

2. I’m a female

3. I’m tall

4. I’m an ENFP

5. I’m smart

6. I’m curious

7. I’m sensitive

8. I’m positive

9. I’m humble

10. I’m a student

11. I’m a Chinese

12. I’m socialist

13. I’m prospecting

14. I’m active

15. I’m polite

16. I’m easygoing

17. I’m incompact

18. I’m a Taurus

19. I’m intuitive

20. I’m turbulent




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