Approaching retirement age


For our discussion, this week, choose one of the following topics and give your thoughts on it.

Make sure that is clear in your answer which topic you chose.
Individual Post: MIN 100-125 words MAX (points will be deducted if you write more or less) –

  • What stereotypes do we have about adults who are approaching retirement age?
  • How have the settings of the social clock changed? What settings haven’t changed?
  • What does it mean to be “successful” as an adult?

Reply to one classmate: choose someone that answered a different topic than you did and respond to what they have shared
MIN 75-100 words MAX (points will be deducted if you write more or less) –

Discuss what each of you wrote about and what you have learned or yourself experienced. Have a brief exchange of information.

Have fun!

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  • 03.12.2022
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