Critical Leadership Analyses

itical Leadership Analysis 2


The purpose of the Critical Leadership Analyses is to see how leadership theory being learned in the classroom is applied by others in your communities, and both personal and professional environments. what you are learning in the classroom as well as learning from your environment. The assignment allows you to reflect on the leadership that is happening around you. In this assignment you are asked to attend an event in which leadership is demonstrated, and answer the following questions.

The CLA’s must answer 3 questions.

· What is the event?

· How did the event demonstrate leadership?

· How did the leadership demonstrated in this event influence your leadership practices?

There are two submission formats for you to choose to convey your genius:

· Written Communication –  800-1000 words in length, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, saved in .docx or .pdf format, and addressing the prompts provided in Class/Canvas,

Submissions will be evaluated on the following:

· Formal communication (written or verbal), which is consistently thoughtful, grammatically sound, properly cited, and well-developed

· Entries should highlight your critical and thoughtful analysis of course material discussions and experiences with the prompt provided

· Each entry should address at the prompting questions and identify concepts from the course materials, course discussions, and class activities

· Many of the submissions will be focused on events, lectures, and/or clubs on campus as well as service-learning organizations events within the vibrant South Florida communities.

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