Aspects of personality studied

Personality is not necessarily a new topic for you – you’ve had one your entire life! However, this might be the first time you have consciously explored the question “What is personality?” This assignment will allow you to synthesize your initial thoughts about personality. Where do you believe it comes from? How does it impact your day to day life? How can it best be studied? Can it be changed?

Incorporating concepts and principles from this week’s readings, craft a 2 to 3 page paper in APA style addressing the questions below:

1. How do psychologists define personality?

2. What is your initial perspective on where personality comes from? How do these ideas align (or not) with the introductory reading for this week?

3. What aspects of personality can be explored using the principles of scientific research? What aspects of personality cannot be studied using the scientific method?

4. As you reflect on the variety of measures and tools researchers use to study personality, which best captures personality from the framework you have described in this assignment? Explain your response.

5. What questions excite you about the study of personality?

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