Personality and emotional intelligence research

Understanding how employee behavior is directed by personality traits and emotional intelligence is essential for a professional in I-O Psychology. The ability to understand personality traits and emotional intelligence will lead to the prediction of workplace motivation. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate employee behavior in a real-world scenario and identify the impact on workplace motivation.

This week you will write a 3-5-page essay based on the scenario below.


Lewis is running late to work. His children missed the bus and he had to drive them to school, thus adding to his commute. On his way in, he hits every red light, spills coffee on his lap and realizes he has forgotten to take out the trash. When Lewis finally gets to his desk, his manager Carey calls him in for an impromptu meeting.  Carey needs Lewis’s team to repackage a shipment of ABC tools that was due to be delivered yesterday. Carey was informed this morning that original ABC tool order was for 500 parts, but the invoice incorrectly stated 5,000. As a result, the warehouse is overstocked, and the order was incorrectly packed. This also means that the shipment will likely arrive late. Due to several team errors over the last six months, Carey is under a lot of scrutiny from her leadership. Carey needs to ensure this problem is taken care of immediately and accurately.

Include the following in your essay

· Describe employee behavior based on specific personality traits and the level of emotional intelligence.

· Evaluate the employee’s behavior assessing how both personality traits and emotional intelligence affects the employee’s motivation.

· Synthesize the variables and factors within personality traits and emotional intelligence that affect workplace motivation.

· Support your evaluation with personality trait and emotional intelligence research within workplace motivation.

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