Changing attitudes toward health behaviors

2. How effective are educational appeals in changing attitudes toward health behaviors? 

For this to be effective, it has to be noticed in the first place. Educational appeals provide people with the facts and arguments on why it is important to engage in some health behaviors. By implementing these educational appeals, you must be able to translate it in a way where it can grab that person’s attention and help them understand it. For example, those smoking/vaping commercials that come on from “Truth”, they use interactive ways to showcase what smoking and vaping can do to your lungs. This can immediately grab a person’s attention. Setting it straight believe it or not, can sometimes persuade an audience to change their attitude towards the health behavior they are engaging in.

4. How is the Internet useful in contributing toward health interventions? Find an Internet health campaign and explain its pros and cons. 

As I mentioned in my previous prompt, Truth is a commercial that comes on TV and as well on social media platforms. It is designed to help the youth prevent themselves from smoking and has had success in saving lives. They have prevented more than 300,000 youths and young  adults from engaging in poor health behaviors. The pros of this internet health campaign is that it does seem present accurate facts, has helped youth stay away from smoking, has resources to promote a healthier lifestyle, and keeps youth interested on better health behaviors. The cons of this internet health campaign, is that it may display inaccurate or over dramatic data, people may not always listen to the commercial, and can’t stop youth/young adults from smoking with just a commercial. Internet health campaigns have its perks but can also have disadvantages because it is the internet and teens/young adults can be very trusting to what’s displayed on their site.

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