Prompt 1

Theories are sets of analytical statements that explain occurrences. In health psychology, it’s a formal way to establish and contribute to knowledge, consensus, and discussions. It has many advantages such as acting s a framework for research and intervention, able to generate testable/changeable prediction and systematize the field overall. Overall this allows for the growth and development of the field as theories set precedence for knowledge, encourage experiments and discourse; then theories get analyzed, reworked, and dismissed as new things are learned and corrections are made. This translates into the theoretical-practical dynamic as experiments, guidelines, and other elements are created based on the principles of theories and new knowledge is gained–contributing to further elements and theory itself.

Prompt 2

The key similarity between the biopsychosocial (BPS) and biomedical (BMD) models are as systems of understanding health and treating illness. However they are more different than alike. The BMD model is limited in three ways: Reductionist by simplifying illness to biological constructs like chemical processes. Narrow as it does not account for social and psychological factors. Misaligned by over-focusing on illness rather than health. By contrast, the BSP model recognizes the dynamism between biology, psychology, and sociology. Along with duly focusing on health and illness rather than focusing solely on illness. By acknowledging previously disregarded factors it allows for a wider understanding to be created and expansion of treatment options–such as talk therapy in addition to medication. Thus the BPS model is holistic, being more comprehensive than the BMD model in conceptualizing health and illness.

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