Development and Evolution of Substance Abuse




Lisset Melian Abreu

Ana G Mendez

SWGR 655

Professor: Angel Quintana

August 8, 2022


“The Historical Development and Evolution of Substance Abuse in the U.S.”

Subtopics: (a) Analyses from a human rights and social justice perspective how services and approaches to addressing substance abuse have changed. Incorporate why it has been important and the implications in history considering dual disorders and involuntary treatment.

b) Evaluate the role of the social worker in substance abuse services.

c) Identify theories of epidemiology and etiology of substance abuse.

The essay must consist of five pages in the style of the last edition of APA. The facilitator will send the essay to SafeAssign TM to detect the authorship of the work. Upload your essay to the Assignments section or as directed by the facilitator. This activity will be evaluated with the Written Critical Analysis Rubric.

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