Theory of Vocational Choice

Module 2 Assignment

Students are expected to cover content from the text related to the theory (minimally) and also integrate information from beyond the text to supplement learning.


Refer to Ch. 3

John Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice.

Discuss relevant contributors to the career theory. Discuss important concepts, terms, and themes related to the career theory. Design and distribute a one-page handout of important information from the career theory.


Present the career theory in a 20-30 minute presentation. Each presentation should address the following:

· How applicable is the theory to our diverse society today? Do all components of your theory apply to all segments of our society (age, gender, ethnicity, S.E.S, religion, sexual orientation, varying abilities, etc.)

· Is there criticism of this theory? If so, briefly summarize

· To what degree is the theory supported by research literature?

· What do you personally think of the theory? How relevant is it to your own life? (Give an example of how it may, or may not, apply to your own life)

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