Final draft of forensic examination




You will build upon the work you did for the previously in order to complete this final draft of your forensic examination. You will add information, the most significant of which will be a diagnostic and opinion section. Your work from the previous two, in addition to the additional info that comes later, should be included in this one. Include the following in your response:

Introductory Remarks, Informed Consent, Background Information

· Briefly describe the fictional evaluee’s social, educational, occupational, substance use, medical, and psychiatric history.

· Include mock collateral information obtained during the course of the evaluation.

1. Mental Status Examination

· Using a formal mini-mental-status exam, describe your mock client’s performance on domains such as orientation, immediate recall, attention and calculation, recall, language, judgment, ability to abstract, and intelligence.    Interview Questions,  Test Battery,   Diagnosis

· Provide a thorough DSM-5 diagnosis for your mock client.

1. Opinion

· Provide a defensible forensic opinion that relates to the legal question asked.

· Justify your opinion.


This should fulfill the following objectives:  A forensic evaluation appropriate to the age and gender of the fictional evaluee.

A description of the evaluee’s relevant history and personal characteristics.

An explanation of all aspects of informed consent pertaining to this evaluation.

A description of the fictional evaluee’s performance on a formal mini-mental-status exam.

A thorough DSM-5 diagnosis for the fictional evaluee.

A justification of a forensic opinion addressing the legal question asked.

communication that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.

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