Life span Psychology Discussion

Lifespan Psychology Discussion

Why do we need to Study Human Development?

Please use Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) (not a google search) and find a research article using a method from the first chapter.

(for example:I search Case Study Developmental Psychology)

case study of developmental phonological dyslexia (Links to an external site.)

CM Temple, JC Marshall (Links to an external site.) – British Journal of psychology, 1983 – Wiley Online Library… The case of developmental dyslexia that we now report is part of a continuing … a
developmental analogue the notion of parallels would become much more convincing. It is for this
reason that we believe the study presented is particularly significant; the case is a developmental …

To get full credit –

  1. Site your source
  2. What is the method that the experiment uses and what DID IT FIND.
  3. ASK A QUESTION – to a student about their search.
  4. ANSWER A QUESTION – from another student.

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