Outline of Presentation slide

Submission Instructions

For this assignment, you will create an engaging presentation based on your argumentative essay.   The presentation should have a minimum of __ – __ slides.

1. Use the information from your  outline to fashion the presentation.

2. Include the following:


· Introduction

Title Slide


Title of your presentation (your debatable issue)

Your full name

Class name & section number

Your institution (Ana G. Mendez University).

Outline of the Presentation slide

A roadmap of the talk

Thesis statement slide

Include an interesting media that reveals the significance of your topic and your thesis statement.


Include the key themes and concepts and specific necessary details that support your thesis statement and address the opposing view as well.

Incorporate media that illustrate and back up your claim.

Use enough slides to convey your paper contents, but not so many that you must rush through them to complete the presentation in __ minutes.



Use some form of multimedia that leaves your audience with something to think about, such as:

Reconsidering their thinking about the issue you discussed

Taking action

Thinking about a related issue

Make sure to emphasize why your essay and analysis matter.

Reference Slide

When citing the work of other authors, include citations and references using APA 7th edition style to respect their intellectual property and avoid plagiarism.

3. Before you submit your presentation:


Revise the slides:  Look again at your presentation and see what in the body is consistent with the essay and what is unconnected. This process may include adding information as well as deleting elements that, upon reconsideration, prove redundant or unnecessary.

Edit:  Fine-tune the language. Read with fresh eyes and look fore grammar, mechanics, misspellings and awkward wording and adapt for the sake of clarity.

4. Your work must be original and must not contain material copied from books or the internet.

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