Challenging norms supportive of violence

For this discussion, you will begin by reading section 3, Challenging norms supportive of violence: examples of interventions, from the article

. You will need to select ONE of the approaches reviewed in the article and then answer the Discussion Questions below:

  • social norms,
  • mass media interventions, or
  • banning corporal punishment to discuss.

You should provide an initial response by selecting ONE of the 3 approaches presented in the article discussing:

  1. the feasibility of implementing this type of approach for one type of violence (i.e. domestic violence, intimate partner violence, gun violence, etc.) covered in this lesson,
  2. a current example of such an approach, and
  3. how effective this approach has been.

Include the name of the approach you will be discussing in the title of your post. Your post should be a minimum of 250 words. If you refer to the article use appropriate in-text references and if you use any outside sources (you are not required to), make sure they are acceptable sources for this class (i.e. obtained through the University Libraries) and that you provide a reference for them. Do not quote any material from any sources for this assignment – everything should be in your own words.

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